Video: iFive Mini 3GS User Demo


A user has posted to QQ a video showing a variety of applications running on the iFive Mini 3GS.

The original 5Fans post [Google Translate] and the full QQ video.

I tried to rip the video and had a mixed result. Out of the near 14-minute video, only the last 9 minutes ripped. Still, it’s of interest and can be seen after the break.

This tablet looks to be snappy and considerably faster than the Retina-class iFive Mini 3. I don’t see any hiccups in the video. The screen is also much brighter than the Mini 3.

Update May 9 2014: Someone else managed to post the entire video to YouTube, so I’m embedding that version here instead.

Hop over to the QQ page to see the entire video which shows various aspects of the tablet itself in the missing 5 minutes at the beginning.

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6 responses to “Video: iFive Mini 3GS User Demo

  1. Jonathan

    Seems solid :)

  2. Clancy

    Any words of the 9.7″ variant? I find the mini too small.

    • mikecane

      Not yet. The larger tablets are still using the 3188 CPU. Wait til they switch to the 3288 or MediaTek. Or you could go for the Onda V975i or V975m — Intel or Amlogic CPUs.

  3. Jonathan

    Well custom recovery has been made for the Onda v975m. I was planning to buy that tablet; but there where just too many unfixed issues at the time (and not sure if they are fixed now).

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