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Movie: Dallas Buyers Club


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Onda V819i Disassembled


Onda has improved their manufacturing. Very little tape.

See the full forum post with many photos and his opinion of the components and build [Google Translate].

Same-day update: He’s also done a photo-filled review [Google Translate].

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Teclast X98 3G: Second Review, Second Windows Video

People are expressing an interest in the latest generation of full-size iPad clones from China, so I thought I’d do another post about the Teclast X98 3G.

It’s gotten a second review, this time from ZOL [Google Translate].

Can you live with a “Tyrant Gold” back? Because it has it:


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Five Technology Teases A White iFive Mini 3GS

Either that or their Photoshop people should be fired for this:


There’s been no word of a white model in the works but it would make sense. Some people dislike the current mix of black and white and have been calling it a “Panda.” See more of these annoying photos [Google Translate].

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Fargo: Episode Four


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