iFive Mini 3GS Gets A Review


IMP3Net does the review [Google Translate].

The iFive Mini 3GS has a 7.9-inch Retina-class screen with an octa-core MediaTek 6592 CPU running at 1.6GHz, quad-core Mali-450MP4 GPU, 2GBs of RAM, 16GBs of storage, and a 2MP front and 5MP back camera. 3G — for most of the world but likely not the U.S. — is via micro-SIM card (not included).

The AnTuTu 4.x score in unsurprising as it’s been seen before from owners:


And the sample photos (one below, click for very large) still show green blurring in some places:


The camera is barely good enough.

There are no real surprises in this review — it tracks with many prior user reviews. But IMP3Net doesn’t mention the new Google restrictions placed on Android when using SD card storage. That’s a big sore point with owners at the 5Fans forum and many are crying for root access to patch it.

IMP3Net does mention the screen issue someone else complained about in the 5Fans forum, but the Google Translate is still too unclear for me to grasp it:

Between its external screen with the LCD panel is not all fit, but the impact on the screen effect is almost negligible.

It almost sounds as if there’s a gap between the touch layer and the screen itself. But Five Technology is still saying this is an OGS screen.

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5 responses to “iFive Mini 3GS Gets A Review

  1. Multiple sources and resellers confirm frequencies used in the iFive 3GS as 850/900/1800/1900MHz/2100MHz- which is the same frequency set as most Android phones with 3G HSPA+ and 2G and will work in most countries worldwide – including the USA

  2. togorth

    I am a little surprised that you didn’t comment on the low screen refresh rate of 43.01Hz. I think that in order to achieve a decent battery life (with only 4000 ma same as the nexus 7 and such a dense display) they had to reduce the frequency from the normal 60 hz to the lower 43 hz. The problem is that a low refresh can induce flickering especially on large white space and fatigue and headache. That make it unsuitable as a replacement for an e-book reader which for me was the main attraction.

    • mikecane

      Where are you getting the screen refresh rate from? I haven’t seen it anywhere. No one has yet mentioned any flickering in user reports or something being different about the screen. Wouldn’t a slower screen refresh rate also affect fast games? Asphalt 8 has been shown to run on it without much of a problem.

      • togorth

        section 4 chapitre 2 of the review you refered: “In fluency, since relatively strong processing performance, in such a high-resolution performance also has a relatively smooth, and its ten-point capacitive touch screen support, identify sensitive, the operator responded more quickly, giving the whole experience is quite good The. But the machine’s screen refresh rate 43.01Hz a little bit low, it will affect the overall fluency which to some extent, intuitive interface gives the impression that has not yet reached the level of the ultimate smooth. Stability, ifive mini performance 3GS can still be satisfying, not met within two days using any one crash problem. “

      • mikecane

        Ah, thanks. I went back and now I recall that. I didn’t think much about it at the time because the software has yet to reach a stable level. Plus, no one who’s bought it has complained about it or even noticed it. I’ll keep a lookout to see if anyone mentions a refresh issue like that. Thanks again.

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