Not Even China Can Save Microsoft

Microsoft is now irrelevant to computing, and they want you to know it


For the past few decades, Microsoft has been a monopoly with one game plan, leverage what they have to exclude competition. If someone had a good idea, Microsoft would come out with a barely functional copy, give it away, and shut out the income stream of the innovator. Novell, Netscape, Pen, and countless others were crushed by this one dirty trick, and the hardware world bowed to Redmond’s whims.

That is exactly how it was done, over and over again. To see it in action, go read Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure by Jerry Kaplan. It’s all documented by a victim of Microsoft.


It seems that management is painfully aware of their newfound irrelevance in the computing space. Intel is gone, OEMs are gone, users are gone, developers are gone, and only enterprise customers remain. They are fleeing in droves, the numbers underlying Azure/Office 365 press releases make this quite clear, Google Apps are gutting Microsoft where it hurts hence the shouting about how well MS cloud apps are doing. In spite of this, management is still drawing very public lines in the sand and has publicly caved in on every one, Office for iPad anyone?

I’m not at all sorry for Microsoft or their Merry Softies. I know there are people who work for Microsoft who Follow me on Twitter. My advice is to suck that teat dry — and have your resume always up-to-date.

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