Windows Beta For Teclast X98 3G Released

Not only has Teclast released a Beta Preview of Windows 8.1 for their 9.7-inch Retina-class X98 3G, they’ve done it in a very stupid and restrictive manner.

This link goes to their forum, where the first problem occurs. The content is restricted:


That is the usual pain in the ass, which translates to:

Tourists, if you want to see the hidden content, please quote reply

In other words, you must be a registered user of that forum and reply to the post in order to access the locked content.

Good luck registering with a Chinese forum outside of China!

This restricted content BS has been the bane of Chinese forums for me. Tablet wonk iambillbil has posted a few new reviews and they’ve been locked up just like that on the IMP3Net forum.

But at least I can still read the unlocked content.

Not so with Teclast!

Trying Google Translate on the forum itself gets this slap in the face:


The forum won’t allow access to Google Translate!

All of you outside of China who were thinking of buying the Teclast X98 3G because of Windows had better re-evaluate that idea. For those of you who already have it and want Windows, I hope you have connections in China who can render aid.

Now let me step back and give them some benefit of the doubt here. Maybe this Beta Preview is intended solely for forum members who can communicate in Chinese. That would be an irritating yet fair thing to do.

On the other hand, explain how the entire forum is hostile to being translated via a proxy server! That’s an unfair thing to do.

Anyway, here are some photos of it:




For more, see the write-up at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

Remember that the Onda V975i will also be getting Windows. Maybe their forum won’t be as restrictive.

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8 responses to “Windows Beta For Teclast X98 3G Released

    • mikecane

      Well I’ll be. Thanks for that. I didn’t even try Bing because past attempts have had very poor translation of Chinese — even worse than Google (which has since gotten worse!).

  1. wintabb

    i copied hidden content from forum post with picture links;

  2. znawca

    It’s possible now to run dual boot android and windows 8.1 on Teclast x98 3g?

  3. canti

    Hi! because i have russian ip, maybe china’s firewall like me, i don’t sure. but im using firefox with translator extension and i can translate hidden content. it’s translating cache and if you can see the pages maybe you can use that.

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