Xiaomi Introduces MiPad Tablet


And it matches nearly all of the rumored specs. The differences after the break.

But first, some images:



The microSD card slot is covered with a tray:


Actual photos (more available at IMP3Net [Google Translate], 1Pad [Google Translate], and GizmoChina):








Notice no bottom Commandbar:


I guess screensnaps are done using physical buttons, which is not something I’m keen on.

I’m not sure what’s going on here:



Those could be widgets.

Despite how they look here, I don’t think the backs can be changed:


But those might just be colored silicone backs, as two of the colors don’t match the official six offered.

And now for the spec differences.

There will be two models:


Although the MiPad can support microSD cards up to 128GBs, it’s unknown if both the 16GB and 64GB versions offer a card slot. 1Pad is reporting it looks like the 16GB version has no card slot [Google Translate].

The K1 CPU will run at 2.2GHz, not 2.1. Xiaomi is claiming that it has a 41,000-range AnTuTu score:


The battery is even larger than rumored: 6700mAh, not 6500mAh. And it supports fast charging.

The back camera is 8MP (supplied by Sony), not the rumored 7MP. Front camera (supplied by OV) is 5MP.

Fast LPDDDR3 Flash and RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 HID, USB OnTheGo, WiFi Display, and WiFi Direct (for communicating between compatible tablets and phones) round out the specs.

There is no 3G or 4G.

The biggest disappointment is availability. Xiaomi will be letting it out as a “beta test” beginning next month — and it could last as long as six months(!).

On the other hand, there are rumors that this is based on a reference model from Nvidia, so we could see a variant of it appear from other vendors (the dreaded HP was named in a list of possibilities).

All told, this has the horsepower, the cameras, the screen, and the large storage capacity (internally 64GBs, externally 128GBs) I want. This would be the tablet I would get — if it could be gotten (at a non-rip-off price).


Mi MiPad site [does not fully work with Google Translate]
Xiaomi [Google Translate]
Engadget China [Google Translate]

The official promo video:

And some sort of official video that pimps Xiaomi customer support:

Same-day update: A video from Chinese TV news coverage:

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4 responses to “Xiaomi Introduces MiPad Tablet

  1. What makes Xiaomi interesting is what they are: in many ways a Chinese version of Amazon, selling other peoples’ products but increasingly experimenting with their own.

    I think the reason behind branding their own products is mostly tied to their wish to expand outside China. Following the Amazon approach of selling good quality at a low price draw attention, which is what they want.

    What will be interesting to observe over the next year is how well their expansion takes hold, and whether they follow-up with an Apple-like ecosystem of software.

    • mikecane

      They’ve pointed out that people already sell themes for their MIUI interface. And Jun made a huge point about the MiPad and digital books in the launch today. Maybe Xiaomi wants to be Amazon for China with electronic books?

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