Meizu’s Bigertech

Meizu is a company that I haven’t paid attention to because they’ve done only smartphones.

Now they’ve set up a subsidiary called Bigertech (yes, one “g”) and have a new Weibo account and new website.

And the new website has a countdown clock with a teaser graphic that seems to indicate a smartwatch, phone, and iPad Mini clone are coming:

Click = big

Some sites believe the pen and glasses are also significant. I’m not so sure.

Anyway, why “Bigertech”? Apparently it’s a trick in Chinese [Google Translate]:

Biger corresponding millet xiao, upside down and read read homophonic associations are meaningful.

Same-day update: Meizu and Bigertech are on Twitter. Meizu, MeizuTech, Bigertech.


Meizu Wikipedia entry

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