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The Free Market, Like Everything Else, Is A LIE

Where the World’s Unsold Cars Go To Die

cars 1

The car industry would never sell these cars at massive reductions in their prices to get rid of them, no they still want every buck. If they were to price these cars for a couple of thousand they would sell them. However, nobody would then buy any expensive cars and then they would end up being unsold. Its quite a pickle we have gotten ourselves into.

Instead of letting “deflation” do its damned job — that is, price things at market-level — the bastards in power let ordinary people twist in the wind.

When I think of all the want out there and I see all of this waste — and it can’t be only with cars — I have to ask: How long do we intend to put up with this bullshit?

Every day brings a new revelation that shows Occupy Wall Street was correct.

We are trapped in a system that’s consciously designed to keep us in a state of want and frustration. Such a system is against the innate rights of man. Such a system is illegitimate and should not exist.

Update Monday May 19 2014: I’ve had to strikeout what no longer applies because the article turns out to be plagiarized and bullshit: That Zero Hedge Article On Unsold Cars Is Bullshit.

I, more than anyone, get the appeal of this story because it seems to largely rip off an article I wrote — including the images and headline — more than five years ago (which itself was largely a rehash of a Guardian article).

Shit. Next!



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TV: Braquo, Season 2


The first season — which I think wasn’t supposed to be a season, but the finality of the series — left the cops in a bind that seemingly had no way out.

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Chinese Talking Smack Against MiPad

Some people are whining about the MiPad in the IMP3Net forum. It’s not this or that or — help them Lord — Windows.

This one stood out [Google Translate]:

See foreigners who live feel the price is very affordable. . . 1499 about $ 239. Can be used with tegara k1., But at the same time the shape of large iphone5c expressed sarcasm.

I’m beginning to think the Chinese need to get over their low price fetish and step up to the Buying Advice.

Companies are also throwing dirt at Xiaomi.

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Phones/Tablets: Bandwidth Matters

GizmoChina has a very clear post explaining what I tried to do here and here and here: Why is eight-core (octa-core) still slow on cell phones?

Memory bandwidth is actually more crucial.

Smart phones and tablets are all SOC, meaning the graphics core is integrated, sharing memory bandwidth with the CPU, with no independent memory. And resolution is getting better for phones and tablets, this puts a great demand on memory bandwidth.

Programs need to run inside the internal memory. If the processor is quick, and the memory access speed can not keep up, the system will still be slow. And as resolution increases, so will the demand on memory bandwidth.

When memory bandwidth is not enough and resolution is too high, no matter how fast the processor is the system will still be slow.

See the entire post — and bookmark it for future reference.


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China Establishes A Tech Beachhead

A new site called cngadget.info has popped up. (Get it? engadget but with a “c”.)

Their posts are short and to the point — and in English.

But I have to highlight they’re unquestioningly passing along Chuwi’s claimed 34,000-range AnTuTu score for the MediaTek 6592-based VX3. That’s not something I did.

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Teclast Offers English-Language Site


Teclast in English This could be a prelude to widening their sales opportunities when the Windows download option is available.

I hope Five Technology, Onda, and Ramos create English-language sites too.

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More Tegra K1 Benchmarks

PadHz has run some benchmark charts [Google Translate] from a site that at post time refuses to build in any browser I have: INPAI.


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Multiwindowing iPad Mini


In a sense.

It’s ProWidgets, something available only to people who jailbreak iOS.

See video after the break.

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