China Establishes A Tech Beachhead

A new site called has popped up. (Get it? engadget but with a “c”.)

Their posts are short and to the point — and in English.

But I have to highlight they’re unquestioningly passing along Chuwi’s claimed 34,000-range AnTuTu score for the MediaTek 6592-based VX3. That’s not something I did.

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One response to “China Establishes A Tech Beachhead

  1. Tom

    Thanks for pointing this out.

    It’s a common practice among Chinese marking teams to post “tweaked” benchmark scores before release, and it is impossible to confirm these before the device has been released.

    We simply post what is available at that time, just like you reposted the banchmark score of the MiPad.

    I agree the number seem too high but remember the VX3 has a lower screen resolution and technically should get higher score then ifive mini 3GS with retina display.

    Once we can confirm the “real” score it will be posted on out site.

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