Chinese Talking Smack Against MiPad

Some people are whining about the MiPad in the IMP3Net forum. It’s not this or that or — help them Lord — Windows.

This one stood out [Google Translate]:

See foreigners who live feel the price is very affordable. . . 1499 about $ 239. Can be used with tegara k1., But at the same time the shape of large iphone5c expressed sarcasm.

I’m beginning to think the Chinese need to get over their low price fetish and step up to the Buying Advice.

Companies are also throwing dirt at Xiaomi.

Here’s CUBE doing it, laughably comparing their 9.7-inch tablet to a 7.9-inch tablet:


Will someone let CUBE know that sometimes size matters?

Then there’s Allwinner having a go, with a big infographic:


Allwinner leaves out the fact that the 41,000-range AnTuTu score they’re claiming is not something from the real world.

The best piece is analytical, appearing at INPAI [Google Translate].

Two lovely bits of snark among the serious stuff:

1) Xiaomi should thank AnTuTu Labs for creating the iOS version of the benchmark so Xiaomi could claim the MiPad beats the iPad Mini:


2) Given its imitative design, the MiPad should be called the “iPad 2c.”

But it’s a good piece with serious points, among them this sharp observation:

However you want to catch up with iPad, not an overnight thing, after all, Samsung is still not done.

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One response to “Chinese Talking Smack Against MiPad

  1. Tom

    Dont be so cynical. It fun to see the underdog throwing dirt at the monster companies. Deceiving is what marketing is all about, and Apple have mastered this since the day Jobs came back for revenge.

    And all the iPad 2c troll comments just add fuel to this endless bullshit circle.

    I now read that Apple has even patented all the colors. If a company can make a similar device better and cheaper why should they not so more people can get access to the technilogy?

    In the end its the buyers choice, the rich Chinese will continue to buy Apple cos they are brainwashed by their marketing and it gives them status among the other brainwashed.

    Sometimes you just have to put your self in the other sides shoes and see there are different people, with different views and preferences.

    Throwing dirt dirt back does not make it better.

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