Multiwindowing iPad Mini


In a sense.

It’s ProWidgets, something available only to people who jailbreak iOS.

See video after the break.

When will Apple finally acknowledge it doesn’t know everything and let more of the things available only via jailbreaking into the App Store?



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3 responses to “Multiwindowing iPad Mini

  1. Ric Day

    I think that Apple may announce a multitasking IOS at this year’s Developer”a Conference. The newr iPads have the CPU to handle it and the tensions around sandboxing suggest a change in the works. Maybe.

  2. fm123

    Android floating apps have been around for awhile, but it is not something standard in Android. They are just made by various app developers. If they would just make this a standard feature it would be very good.

    Here is a screenshot of gplayer, a floating video player (playing a 4k video), a full screen 1080p video playing in the background, and Floating Browser playing a website Flash video. All at the same time on a Tegra Note.

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