TV: Braquo, Season 2


The first season — which I think wasn’t supposed to be a season, but the finality of the series — left the cops in a bind that seemingly had no way out.

Remarkably, a way out was created in this follow-up. And, aside from one brief bit of idiocy at a defense contractor (the fault of the director), the scriptwriters of season two managed to pull off what seemed impossible in that final episode in an entirely plausible manner.

I forget how much I love French noir — because I rarely get to see it. They don’t write everyday dialogue:



But perhaps the biggest thing is that everyone is an adult. An intelligent adult.

And they understand what life is like because they have that experience:


What would sound sarcastic out of the mouth of an American sounds like a simple fact of life in French noir.

Even when they’re acting like children, they do it with the commanding presence of an adult.

This series is one of the finest things I’ve seen this year. Absolutely unpredictable and it moved like lightning. Some of you have probably seen Swedish and Danish crime drama. Trust me here, no one else does it like the French in this series.

If you’ve never seen Braquo, run to Hulu. Both season one and two are available to watch.


You’ll have to put up with what’s now become too many ads — but it’s worth it.

And thank you for picking it up, Hulu. I didn’t have to get it on my own like the first season.


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2 responses to “TV: Braquo, Season 2

  1. If you liked Braquo, you might like the Italian movie ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards, though I suspect you knew that). Some similar themes around police corruption and untouchability from their own point of view.

    Have you tried Mammon yet?

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