Orphan Black: Season 2, Episode 5


Things are getting weirder.




























We’re back to nothing is what it seems to be.

So what the hell is Project Leda — and why?

And is Helena carrying a child? Whose child? Is the Holy Grail going to be thrown in here?

Is Leekie really double-crossing Rachel? Is Paul really double-crossing Rachel? And what about this “Corporation?” What’s that about and who’s on the Board?

Did anyone else make the connection between Helena having a sniper’s rifle and the German clone, Katja Obinger, being killed by a sniper in the first season? For all of Helena telling Sarah she’s her “sestra,” she sure as hell didn’t treat the German like one! Or did someone else pull the trigger on the German?

And what’s with Cal having multiple Driver’s Licenses and identities?

And it’s not until doing this post that I realized — what the hell happened with Alison?! She didn’t even call Felix while in rehab?

I laughed out loud several times during this episode. Helena cracked me up. Of all the clones, she might even be more clever and cunning than Sarah.

Kudos to Helen Shaver for understated direction and to Trevor Yuile who did two cues that were terrific.

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7 responses to “Orphan Black: Season 2, Episode 5

  1. Claire

    I never doubted that it was Helena who killed Katja, although I guess it’s still to be proven, but to be fair, Sarah is *actually* Helena’s sister, her twin sister, and not just her clone : it makes sense that she’s treating her differently.

  2. Keishon

    Yes, Helena and Sarah are twins. I think Helena is pregnant, too. Also, I think they are the only ones who are able to have children which makes them valuable to whoever because I damn sure think that someone is over Rachel and we haven’t been introduced yet.

    Project Leda from what we know, was led by Rachel’s adoptive parents and they were the forefathers of this project and supposedly they died in the explosion but now we know that one of them might be alive. I don’t know specifically what the hell Project Leda is other than some type of human experimentation. And Sarah and her daughter are invaluable parts of it.

    I don’t think Leekie is double crossing Rachel. I just don’t trust him. He’s just very sneaky and what about Paul? I think *he is* double crossing Rachel. It would be too funny if it was the reverse! Is he on Sarah’s side? Also what about Mrs S? What the hell does she know about this project because she’s been shooting folks left and right who have any allegiance to the Proletheans, that weird religious sect and she sure as hell don’t want anyone knowing anything about Project Leda. And remember that Sarah’s daughter and Helena both have regenerative powers so how all this fits is anyone’s guess….rambling over now.

    • Abby

      Helena isn’t pregnant. The Proletheans removed eggs from her, at least one of which was successfully fertilized in vitro. They want Helena to carry the embryo, but if they can’t get her back, they’ll make Gracie be a surrogate.

      Helena killed Katja Obinger under the training and direction of Tomas, the Old World Prolethean who
      brainwashed her. Old World Proletheans think the clones are an abomination and want them eliminated. Henrik and Bonnie have other ideas. Helena also assassinated a couple European clones before Katja.

      The Corporation is the Dyad group, who Rachel, Dr. Leekie, Paul, Delphine, and now Cosima all work for.

  3. Joe

    money question. Where did H get a sniper rifle?

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