Teclast X98 3G Windows Firmware Beta

Click = ginormous [December 22 2015 update: Image reduced to 800px wide]

Thanks to the generosity of a Commenter, the text that was locked from visitors at the Teclast forum has been dropped into Pastebin with picture links.

This looks like something anyone who’s flashed an Android ROM can do, except it’s a bit more involved.

These items are required:

  • USB OnTheGo cable
  • 1 Teclast u disk [I think that’s a FAT32 USB flashdrive, but not SanDisk]
  • Powered USB hub
  • USB mouse
  • USB keyboard
  • PC running Windows
  • Teclast x98 3G tablet [obviously!]

From there it gets a bit obscure and this might not be a permanent installation — but the translation is vague.

Although they have similar innards, I would not try this on the Onda V975i. Stick to the Teclast X98 3G — and remember that you must assume all the risk. It could brick the tablet.

All vendors are going to have to make this process very simple for everyday users. I can’t see the average person going through all these steps.


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4 responses to “Teclast X98 3G Windows Firmware Beta

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  2. Znawca

    Anyone know when the finnaly rom windows 8.1 will?

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