Video: Dead Onda V819i

Someone has posted a video to YouTube that again highlights the risk of someone in another country buying a tablet from China. His Onda V819i apparently suddenly died.


He owns an Onda V819i …


… and an Onda V975M (which uses an Amlogic, not Intel, CPU):


Weirdly, he uses the same Onda-supplied charger on both:


I would have thought each one would require a different charger. But he owns them so he must know if they’re the same.

The video could have been planned better, but speaks for itself. Don’t bother trying to listen to the audio. His own voice is very dim, not in English, and most of the audio is actually a TV playing in the background(!).

Despite partnering with Intel, Onda clearly still has some quality control issues.

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5 responses to “Video: Dead Onda V819i

  1. Maybe the problem is he used the same AC charger for both devices – many tablets if you use the wrong charger can “fry” the tablet

  2. i had same issue with v971.I just made factory reset and os was gone, just android logo flashing. So i downloaded fw put it in and waited. Then tablet just died. I spent a huge amount of hours to try to repair it. No luck. Nobody from onda can help me with tablet. I’m so sad, because I really liked tablet.

  3. Mohsen

    It is usually not a big problem. All you have to do is to disassemble the tablet, unplug the battery and replug it.
    I’ve seen the same thing happening to Lenovo, Cube, Ainol and etc.

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