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Onda V975i User Report


It’s over at Baidu. Which seems to be a bit hostile to Google Translate. For the complete experience, you’ll need two tabs open: Baidu in Chinese and Baidu in Google Translate. Why? Only the Chinese original will display the photos. Same-day update: That must have been a temporary glitch. Now the Google Translate version is showing the photos.

Before I hit the high points, I need to reiterate that Chinese forums are notorious for trying to murder competitor products. Innuendo is a big-time sport over there. It’s difficult to assess what the truth is until you’ve seen the same people posting over the course of months.

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iFive Mini 3GS Storage Issue

Things have come to a head over at Five Technology.

The user outcry over the ability to store apps internally and on card storage has caused Five to open it up for a vote [Google Translate]!

The iFive Mini 3GS is currently using Mass Storage Class (MSC), which is limiting the amount of internal storage by partitioning it.

Five wants to know if users want them to switch to using Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) which would treat internal storage as one unified and larger area.

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Get A Xiaomi Account

GizmoChina has a post about the upcoming sale of the Xiaomi Redmi 1S in Malaysia that included this graphic:


I saw step one and decided to check it out.

And I now have an account at Xiaomi. I hope that should the MiPad become available when I have the money for it, I’ll be able to pop into my account to place an order. Or something.

Sign up here.

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Cecily McMillan: Jail Time

Another day, another travesty.

Previously here:

Cecily McMillan: Jury Said Guilty

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How It Goes

“First, we’re going to take this gallon bucket to the faucet and fill it. Then we’ll take that gallon bucket and pour half of it into a half-gallon bucket. Then we’ll take that half-gallon bucket and fill this quart bucket. Then we’ll take the quart bucket and fill this pint-sized container. Finally, we’ll take that pint-sized container and fill this small glass. And we’re done. Is that all clear?”

“Um, why don’t we just take the glass to the faucet and fill it?”

“Why aren’t you being a Team Player?”

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Xiaomi MiPad: 2.5 Million In 2014?


PadNews is reporting — via Taiwan’s Commercial Times — that Xiaomi believes it will sell 2.5 million MiPads in 2014 [Google Translate].

Understandably, they’re skeptical.

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