iFive Mini 3GS Storage Issue

Things have come to a head over at Five Technology.

The user outcry over the ability to store apps internally and on card storage has caused Five to open it up for a vote [Google Translate]!

The iFive Mini 3GS is currently using Mass Storage Class (MSC), which is limiting the amount of internal storage by partitioning it.

Five wants to know if users want them to switch to using Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) which would treat internal storage as one unified and larger area.

So far the vote looks like this:


I’d say it’s going to be done deal. But the issue of using card storage for apps will remain. They’ll have to push out an OS update at some point to address that too.

If there’s one strike against buying the iFive Mini 3GS, it’s this ongoing storage issue. And I think it’s a big one. Other manufacturers — notably Samsung — patch Android so card storage can be used to store apps. This is something Google is foolishly against.

If Google continues on this insane path, most users will turn into jailbreakers and what good will that do for Google’s control over Android?

It’s nothing but hubris on the part of Google to dictate how people can store things on their devices. It’s also damned shortsighted and could stifle app innovation. How many app plans will be scuttled because of it? We’ll probably never know.

One other thing, this MSC vs MTP issue doesn’t affect only Android as installed on the iFive Mini 3GS. It affects the MIUI option they’ve rolled out as a limited beta for the 3GS. According to a forum member there:

MIUI only 1G installation space, 0.75G system space, very egg pain, severe installation space is not enough, so I support the MTP, there is a way to adjust it?

That’s Google Translate. Bing Translator doesn’t do much of a better job:

Only 1G install MIUI space, 0.75G space, egg pain severe enough installation space, so I’m supporting MTP, is there a way to adjust it?

This storage issue isn’t something I’ve seen brought up with other tablets — and it’s never been mentioned with the Retina-class Rockchip 3188-based Mini 3.

I can’t tell if this is something being done by platform supplier MediaTek or is the hand of Five Technology. We might never know.

But at least it looks as if Five Technology is finally listening to users. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re feeling some heat from the introduction of the Xiaomi MiPad, even though it’s priced higher.

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