Onda V975i User Report


It’s over at Baidu. Which seems to be a bit hostile to Google Translate. For the complete experience, you’ll need two tabs open: Baidu in Chinese and Baidu in Google Translate. Why? Only the Chinese original will display the photos. Same-day update: That must have been a temporary glitch. Now the Google Translate version is showing the photos.

Before I hit the high points, I need to reiterate that Chinese forums are notorious for trying to murder competitor products. Innuendo is a big-time sport over there. It’s difficult to assess what the truth is until you’ve seen the same people posting over the course of months.

I have no idea who the person is doing this post. He could be telling the truth or be a hired assassin. This is important to keep in mind because he makes two startling statements.

1) He was going to buy the Teclast X98 3G until he saw disassembly photos. He claims the tablet is basically a death trap due to its assembly:

However, disassemble, etc. Figure I came out, I was like their feces shocked circuit design, circuit board patch, 3G antenna with soldering, the biggest problem is directly covered by shielding film on CPU, completely thermal design, a high load people will be burnt to death.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

It’s also important to note here that Google Translate adds ambiguity.

2) He doesn’t believe the claims for the Tegra K1. He repeats what I’ve recently read at SemiAccurate, that in the initial demo of the K1 at CES, the power supply was revealed to be 60 watts. He, like SemiAccurate, is skeptical about how the K1 will actually perform in the Xioami MiPad.

For the rest, the post is pretty self-explanatory. Let me just point out that he’s satisfied that Onda is actually using an IGZO screen.

The AnTuTu score:


Which is no surprise.

The first photo at the top of this post was displaying comics. This is displaying an illustrated book:


He’s basically satisfied with his purchase but would have liked it more if, like the Teclast X98 3G, the Onda also had 3G connectivity.

The one caveat: The battery indicator isn’t calibrated correctly. This is not the first time I’ve seen this complaint about an Onda tablet, either.

His own unit has a bit of light leakage. But that might be his unit and not a widespread production problem. It’s too soon to tell.

For more photos and the result of his battery test, go to the post.

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5 responses to “Onda V975i User Report

  1. ShanghaiWall

    I’ve read a review of Teclast x98 on http://cngadget.info/2014/05/21/teclast-x98-3g-a-powerful-retina-tablet/, they say that it is not suitable for 3D gaming since Intel x86 CPUs are not compatible with games, developed for ARM CPUs. I think, it is fair to assume that Onda V975i is not good for gaming too.
    What do you think about this? I’ve read good reviews of Ramos i9, running Intel CloverTrail CPU and was going to buy it, but then I learned that there is a new generation of tablets with better CPU. I’m bit disappointed.

    • mikecane

      There’s been an ongoing issue with Intel CPUs for Android tablets and full app compatibility. The cngadget report isn’t too surprising.

      • Edison

        Actually, they should read it again every The tablet has a great GPU and CPU, what you say AnTuTu worth a damn, it’s better than A80 allwinner, second I saw the number of cores does not mean more power, and raises 4K normality retina display and with that huge resolution, review the page again :)

  2. Asif

    Well mike which tablet would you prefer between teclast x98 and onda v975i if 3G wasnt an issue?? And which brand is more reliable in terms of firmware updates?Please share your opinions

    And also, has it yet been possible to calibrate the battery indicator of the onda v975i?

    • mikecane

      The V975i isn’t widely on sale yet, AFAIK. You might see presale listings, tho.

      I can’t yet judge between the Teclast and Onda because no users have yet reported on the Onda. Plus we need to see how that Windows option is installed and works on them.

      Plus, keep in mind that Teclast will be releasing a tablet just like the Onda, at least in terms of size. I think it’s called the T97 Air.

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