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Xiaomi MiPad: Second AnTuTu Score

New AnTuTu screens have emerged.

They were published last week at the English-language MIUI forum. And the score is higher than an independent one. AnTuTu can do that.

These are all Retina-sized [reduced to 800 pixels wide] so click to read the details.

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Xiaomi MiPad: Camera Photo Sample

Thanks to Edward Weinert who found them and gave me the link.


None of these are full resolution but purport to be sample photos taken with the MiPad 8MP back camera.

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Blu Life View Tab: WTF?


Apparently budget phone maker Blu announced a tablet back in January but I just heard about it now. Coverage of it has been thin, to say the least!

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Chinese Tablet News Roundup

There are several items and each one doesn’t need its own post, so I’m plopping them all in one.

Feeling the heat from the Xiaomi MiPad, Teclast sent out a Weibo communique saying they’ll soon release a tablet that has a 40,000-range AnTuTu score too:

@小米平板 ,不服跑个分!@ZOL中关村在线 @ZOL平板电脑 @太平洋电脑网 @imp3官方 @平板盒子网_平板电脑推荐 @MID平板圈 @电脑报 @爱平板 @平板电脑爱好者 @PConline平板电脑频道 @平板电脑发烧友 @新浪科技 @微型计算机官方微博 @安卓网 @安卓汇 @安兔兔 @IT之家 @网易科技频道 #6.11首发# @天猫 @淘宝

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