Chinese Tablet News Roundup

There are several items and each one doesn’t need its own post, so I’m plopping them all in one.

Feeling the heat from the Xiaomi MiPad, Teclast sent out a Weibo communique saying they’ll soon release a tablet that has a 40,000-range AnTuTu score too:

@小米平板 ,不服跑个分!@ZOL中关村在线 @ZOL平板电脑 @太平洋电脑网 @imp3官方 @平板盒子网_平板电脑推荐 @MID平板圈 @电脑报 @爱平板 @平板电脑爱好者 @PConline平板电脑频道 @平板电脑发烧友 @新浪科技 @微型计算机官方微博 @安卓网 @安卓汇 @安兔兔 @IT之家 @网易科技频道 #6.11首发# @天猫 @淘宝

Google Translate:

@ Millet plate, dissatisfied run a sub! @ ZOL Zhongguancun Online @ ZOL Pacific Internet Tablet @ @ @ imp3 official tablet box subnets _ Recommended @ MID Tablet PC Tablet Computer News Circle @ @ @ love Tablet Tablet PC enthusiast @ PConline Tablet PC Tablet PC enthusiast Channel @ @ Sina Technology @ microcomputer official microblogging @ Andrews Andrews Meeting @ @ @ IT security Bunny house @ ZDNet Channel # 6.11 Lynx starting # @ @ Taobao

Those opening words are basically:

Not happy with the Xiaomi MiPad? Here’s another big AnTuTu score!

And they show this:


And this:


Although the model number is obscured, it’s clearly an eight-inch tablet. Probably 1920 x 1080. Although PadNews speculates this is the Allwinner A80-based T97 Air, it’s clearly not a 9.7-inch tablet.


And we already know that the 40,000-range score for the A80 is hypothetical. So this could be a Rockchip 3288-based tablet.

Additional commentary at PadHz [Google Translate], 1Pad [Google Translate], and PadNews [Google Translate].

Also claiming a 40,000-range AnTuTu in a Weibo communique is Pipo, for its still-unreleased Rockchip 3288-based Retina-class 9.7-inch P1 tablet:

震惊消息来啦!!![得意地笑]品铂RK3288平板PiPO P1跑分超40000,[威武][赞][围观]太帅了,有木有~~RK3288“跑分王”果然是名不虚传啊[江南style]!!!更给力的表现还在后头呢!千万表忘了关注P1的后续动态哦~~~ @耗子胖成猪

Google Translate:

Shocking news coming! ! ! [Smug smile] product platinum RK3288 tablet PiPO P1 run of ultra-40000, [mighty] [Chan] [crowd] handsome, wood there ~ ~ RK3288 “run of the King” really deserved reputation ah [Jiangnan style]! ! ! More to the force’s performance is yet to come! Ten million Table forgot concern P1 subsequent dynamic oh ~ ~ ~ @ rat fat as a pig

And they show this:
The P1 is the tablet we’ve seen in two videos demonstrating Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android 2.0 (see here and here).

If that AnTuTu score is for real, it could be worthwhile to skip the MediaTek 6592-based iFive Mini 3GS and wait for the iFive Mini 4. (Although it’s unknown if that will include MultiWindow Android 2.0, prior Rockchip-based iPad Mini clones had it.)

Additional commentary at 1Pad [Google Translate].

Pipo also announced a 3G iPad Mini clone via Weibo communique:

#品铂平板电脑# 7.85寸3G通话平板PiPO U7正式上市,官方报价799元/16G。采用MT8382四核处理器,标称主频1.3GHz。配备双摄像头(前置200万像素、后置800万像素AF摄像头)。支持双模双卡双待,联通、移动卡随意使用 @耗子胖成猪 @平板盒子网_平板电脑推荐

Google Translate:

# Product # 7.85 inch tablet platinum 3G call tablet PiPO U7 officially listed, the official quoted 799 yuan / 16G. Using MT8382 quad-core processor, the nominal frequency 1.3GHz. Equipped with dual cameras (2.0 megapixel front, rear 8-megapixel AF camera). Supports dual-mode dual card dual standby, China Unicom, mobile cards are free to use fat as a pig rat @ @ _ Tablet PC Tablet boxes subnet recommended


The Pipo U7 is a 7.85 screen at 1024 x 768 using a MediaTek 8382 CPU at a top frequency of 1.3GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 2MP front and 8MP back cameras. Full details at the Pipo page [Google Translate].

I don’t know how many people outside of China would be interested in that. It’s even difficult to imagine much domestic appeal — but at least it’s priced at just 799 locally, so there’s that.

Finally, for those who want the power of a MediaTek 6592 CPU and 3G without the reported minor UI lag of the iFive Mini 3GS, then the new Pipo T9 might be the tablet to get. It has a 1920 x 1200 8.9-inch screen and the kind of camera all tablets should have. It’s a killer 13MP (from OV) that produces gorgeous images. Click these for very, very large:



It gets a very good review at IMP3Net [Google Translate] but there are two problems.

1) The included camera app has a bug that doesn’t take full-resolution photos. Using a third-party app will get around that.

2) If I’m reading the translation correctly, there seems to be some bizarre conflict between addressing the microSD card and internal storage. It reads as if only one can be used.

Cover the bottom of the shield has a standard SIM card, can be used directly or Unicom 3G mobile card segment No. 2G; beside the TF card slot, T9 comes with 32GB flash memory, generally without adding TF card, but can not effectively use after plugging built-in storage (because the default path will give priority to mount sdcard TF card).

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I don’t know if that’s something that can be patched with a software update.


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2 responses to “Chinese Tablet News Roundup

  1. E.T.

    Perhaps the TF card issue is related to the limits Google has put in place on using external memory in Android 4.4 Kitkat.

    • mikecane

      It doesn’t sound like it. A PC analogy: You can have either internal storage or the microSD card as Drive C: — and no Drive D:.

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