iFive Mini 3GS Horrible Arrival

Louis left this Comment:

Bought this tablet from pandawill.com. It came to me yesterday 24 May. And this is first time I encounter such issue. Half of the screen is dead when opening the box and turning the tablet on. I think I will request Dead on Arrival case for returning the tablet.



That is painful to look at! What a disappointment.

Here’s his video:

I hope he’ll be able to get a replacement.

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10 responses to “iFive Mini 3GS Horrible Arrival

  1. Louis

    Thanks Mike!
    I just want to add that touch function still works on the black side, even I don’t see nothing. Awkward! And it is not software issue, because the black area appears in startup screen (5 logo) and bootloader screen as well.

    • mikecane

      Other Chinese tablets have had that half-screen-dead thing happen too. I thought QC had gotten rid of it.

      • Louis

        Okay then. Pandawill customer service doesn’t work today so hopefully they will respond early next week. I may update the status if you don’t mind.

      • mikecane

        Yes, keep us posted. Thanks.

    • andypandy

      supplier not fit for purpose
      manufacturer faulty goods
      got an X2 and love it
      upgrade to the mini 4 or pipo p1 any thoughts?

  2. Louis

    Wow pandawill responds so quickly. I have to send the item back to them via registered mail and they will compensate for me later. After they receives and checks the item, they may resend me a new one via registered mail (again). Just one thing, registered mail may take months so who knows?
    Anyway thanks Mike for your post.

  3. Jonathan

    Wow what a bummer. Hope you will get a replacement soon!

  4. Louis

    Hi Mike
    I sent the tablet back to pandawill and they received it since 19th June. I just got an email from them today saying they will send me a new one this week. That is great, and i hope no issue with the new one.

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