iFive Mini 3GS Storage Issue Poll Ended


Only 98 people voted. And they want to switch from MSC to MTP. Will Five change the storage configuration?

Meanwhile, Five really doesn’t want people to root the 3GS despite the outcries. (Fifth Miracle is Five Technology staff.)



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6 responses to “iFive Mini 3GS Storage Issue Poll Ended

  1. Louis

    Bought this tablet from pandawill.com. It came to me yesterday 24 May. And this is first time I encounter such issue. Half of the screen is dead when opening the box and turning the tablet on. I think I will request Dead on Arrival case for returning the tablet. Video http://youtu.be/i74YlnsUmj4

  2. Ilya T.

    Followed your root discussion thread. Apparently some users are quite hungry for no apparent reason:
    “qqhikaru 29 #
    I want a meal ticket Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Did not download ROM Yeah meal ticket.”
    This gave me a good chuckle :)

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