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Ouch! Allwinner A80 AnTuTu = 23,000-Range

Wow, this is not good news for Allwinner, even if it’s just a preliminary score for an unoptimized system. A leaked AntuTu score shows it running in just the 23,000-range [Google Translate].


That’s pretty pathetic for an octa-core CPU. The octa-core MediaTek 6592 (1.7GHz) is in the 27,000-range. A quad-core Rockchip 3188 can hit 20,000-range, unoverclocked.

If Allwinner has pinned all their hopes on this CPU, it looks like they’ve lost their bet.

Same-day update: Let’s do math! If the touted 40,000-range AnTuTu score is at 2.0GHz, then the reading above of 1.2GHz is three-fifths of that. So the 23,000-range is three-fifths of the max AnTuTu score. So yeah, it could reach 40,000-range if the A80 runs at full 2.0GHz. But is that ever likely to happen? See this post. If 2.0GHz requires a honking huge heatsink and fan, no wonder the A80 is running at just 1.2GHz in this AnTuTu test — because that’s how it’ll likely be inside an actual tablet.



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Orphan Black: Season 2, Episode 6


Just four episodes left to this second season …

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cngadget Fixes iFive Mini 3GS Lag Problem

iFive mini 3GS lag fix (video)

Nice work!

Video after the break.

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Fargo TV Series: Google Hangout 5PM EDST Today

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The Windows Small Tablet Flood Begins

On June 1st, tablet vendors will be able to offer a Windows download option for their small tablets at no cost to them (although there might be a cost to users).

Today we have news of two new small Windows tablets from Colorfly and Cube.

Colorfly’s entry starts out as Android and has the irritating name i803 Q1.


It begins as an Android tablet but will support dual-boot into Windows and has been shown running Windows too.

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