The Windows Small Tablet Flood Begins

On June 1st, tablet vendors will be able to offer a Windows download option for their small tablets at no cost to them (although there might be a cost to users).

Today we have news of two new small Windows tablets from Colorfly and Cube.

Colorfly’s entry starts out as Android and has the irritating name i803 Q1.


It begins as an Android tablet but will support dual-boot into Windows and has been shown running Windows too.


The i803 Q1 is a “1/16” tablet, meaning 1GB of RAM and 16GBs of storage. It has an eight-inch IPS screen at 1280 x 800, a 64-bit quad-core Intel Atom Z3735E CPU with a typical frequency of 1.3GHz and a peak frequency of 1.8GHz, microSD card slot, micro-HDMI-out port, headphone jack, 2MP front and 5MP back cameras.


It’s already been reviewed at ZOL [Google Translate] and a spec pimping post is at IMP3Net [Google Translate]. A post showing it with Windows is at PadNews [Google Translate]. It can also do 3G (frequencies unknown) via a USB dongle(!). The only thing that recommends this is the low domestic price of 799.

As an Android tablet — setting aside the 1GB of RAM — it’s not weak, scoring 30,000-range in AnTuTu:


But that’s likely at its peak frequency of 1.8GHz, not the typical 1.3GHz. AnTuTu X was not used.

Cube’s tablet is virtually identical and is called the iWork 8 [Google Translate]. Aside from exterior looks, Cube has Windows already installed (no mention of Android) and has a 2MP — instead of 5MP like Colorfly — back camera [Google Translate].


It too will be priced at 799 domestically.

Nether tablet is much different from the Onda V819i.

Last year Chinese tech sites complained about the “homogeneity” of iPad Mini clones. This year they can start writing about that pertaining to the new crop of eight-inch Android/Windows tablets.


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6 responses to “The Windows Small Tablet Flood Begins

  1. Similar processor to the Onda V975i? Think we should expect similar performance?

    • mikecane

      Yes, that’s another part of the “homogeneity” of these tablets. The Teclast X98 3G is the same CPU too. There will be differences in speed of RAM and ROM and of course quality of screens and cameras.

  2. Nullspaceoddity

    I have been waiting for tablets like these. Hoping that asides from Android and Windows, you would be able to also experiment with other Linux builds.

  3. Svetozar

    To be honest I really look forward to the Windows 8.1 tablet flood. Although I love Android, I use it only for reading, web-browsing, video and it is really limited in many ways. When I want to do some work I use my laptop or desktop PC.
    So with a device for about 200$ I think I can do much more and still have the portability of a tablet. Maybe I’ll just need a good keyboard.
    And I really love the 8″ size and 4:3 screen ratio. It is noticeably larger than 7″ but still lighter than 9″ or 10″ screens.
    Currently I have the FNF iFive mini3 retina (rk3188) tablet. I love the build quality, but it’s sluggish. Despite that the screen is gourgeus.
    By the way Mike I visit your blog several times every day. I am really fond of your chinese gadgets posts. Keep up the good work.

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