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Tell Me Again About Government Waste

We Got A Look Inside The 45-Day Planning Process That Goes Into Creating A Single Corporate Tweet

In April, the brand would be continuing its “Art of Cheese” campaign, which provides its 100 Twitter followers and 220 Facebook fans with tips on how to best enjoy its products.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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A Puzzling Photo

Commenter Eric pointed me to an alleged pre-sale listing for the iFive Mini 4. I think the listing is sketchy as hell. But it contains this odd thing:

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I’ve studied that carefully and it sure does look a hell of a lot like an iFive Mini-series tablet. With Rockchip MultiWindow Android 2.0!

But where was this shown? The iFive Mini 4 at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair didn’t have working WiFi — and this photo shows several live browser tabs open.

Same-day update: And the source of the photo — along with confirmation that it is the iFive Mini 4 — is cngadget. From a Comment here:

I made that photo and opened the tabs, there was no internet access on the tab, the google.com pages is cached. They also removed my watermark.

Previously here:

iFive Mini 4: New Information
Rockchip 3288-Based Retina-Class iFive Mini 3! [Updated: Mini 4!]


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Chuwi VX3 + AnTuTu X = Still Unbelievable

Both PadNews [Google Translate] and IMP3Net [Google Translate] have unboxing reports of the Chuwi VX3. Both present AnTuTu scores that I still find unbelievable — especially the one from AnTuTu X.

What makes both reports suspect is that they share some photos. Like this one:


IMP3Net at least lets us know the source of the report is Chuwi itself(!).

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