Chuwi VX3 + AnTuTu X = Still Unbelievable

Both PadNews [Google Translate] and IMP3Net [Google Translate] have unboxing reports of the Chuwi VX3. Both present AnTuTu scores that I still find unbelievable — especially the one from AnTuTu X.

What makes both reports suspect is that they share some photos. Like this one:


IMP3Net at least lets us know the source of the report is Chuwi itself(!).

But they diverge. And each one has a different AnTuTu version and score.

PadNews (AnTuTu 4.x):


IMP3Net (AnTuTu X):


So did Chuwi have the audacity to submit different reports to each site? And did they find a way to cheat with AnTuTu X?

Once again, the Chuwi VX3 is using an octa-core MediaTek 6592. That CPU has been shown to score in the 27,000-range. Where is Chuwi getting this weirdly-high score from, if not by cheating?

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2 responses to “Chuwi VX3 + AnTuTu X = Still Unbelievable

  1. I just got a 33949 on mine and I’m running apps at the same time

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