Long Critique Of Xiaomi Design

ZOL has a very long article criticizing the designs coming out from Xiaomi [Google Translate]. It’s probably best read in the original Chinese but I still have to take an issue with it even in the Google English.


Because [Xiaomi] firmly grasp the two people’s psychology – the price and the herd.

This is the same criticism Windows adherents throw at Apple: That Apple buyers are blind cultists who would buy even a pile of dog shit as long as it had an Apple logo on it.

That’s just not true for either Apple or Xiaomi.

Incredibly, what example does the writer give of good tablet design?

The Lenovo tablet:


I just can’t put this any other way: The guy is out of his fucking mind.

I’ve fondled that tablet more than once. Who the hell wants to shove something in a bag that has a hump like that?

As for originality, it’s a ripoff of the original Notion Ink Adam tablet:


I don’t recall anyone at the time praising it for introducing a hump!

Sony ripped off that design too. And their tablet went nowhere.

Probably because people don’t want humps.

Sure, people can dismiss the Xiaomi MiPad as being an “iPad 5c,” but it’s not the Xiaomi brand name that will sell it. It’s the damn specs that make it the most powerful Android tablet currently introduced. Yet that crucial point is overlooked.




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2 responses to “Long Critique Of Xiaomi Design

  1. E.T.

    I’d say that specs by themselves are not enough and it’s the combination of specs, build quality and good software. Also for Apple but at a premium price.

    • mikecane

      Up until the iPad Mini, I’d dispute the “premium” price allegation against iPad. People have forgotten that when it was introduced for $499, it was a shock. People thought $999. iPad Mini is priced too high, I think, since its intro. Should have been $299 from the start.

      EDIT to add: As for Xiaomi at 1499 locally, that *is* high for that market. But now we’ve seen the Teclast P80HD for 1599 locally. It seems the increase in power is coming with an increase in price.

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