Teclast P90HD: Rockchip 3288 Power

According to a forum post at IMP3Net, Teclast’s latest tablet has been leaked in a pre-sale listing [Google Translate].


I’m still trying to track down where it’s listed (no URL was provided!), but [I found the listing at Tmall (see below)] the forum poster says this is using the Rockchip 3288 CPU and has an 8.9-inch screen at 2560 x 1600.

Another image:


Could this be the tablet with this leaked AnTuTu score:


I know the bezels don’t match the render — but that sometimes happens (witness difference between Ramos K1 render and reality!).

Anyway, the back does match a photo leak [Google Translate]:


That’s a damn high resolution for an 8.9-inch screen. I guess everyone can now forget about the Pipo T9!

This post will be updated when I’ve tracked down the listing.

Same-day update: And now there’s an AnTuTu (4.x) score for it [Google Translate]:

Click = ginormous [December 22 2015 update: Image reduced to 800 px wide]

Wow! the Xiaomi MiPad has competition!

Same-day update: The pre-sale listing is at Tmall [Google Translate].

Click = big

The specs: 8.9-inch screen at 2560×1600, 1.8GHz Rockchip 3288, 2GBs RAM, 16GBs storage, 2MP front and 8MP back cameras, Bluetooth. Odddly, no mention of a microSD card slot but it must be in there, see this:


As expected, no 3G.

Pre-sale begins June 11th. That date has been rumored for the introduction of the Rockchip 3288, so it all fits.

Now we need Five Technology to announce the iFive Mini 4 and Pipo to announce the Pipo P8.


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