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Brats Of The Lost Nebula: The Final “Lost” Puppet Series

I have waited over seven freakin years for this (February 24th, 2007: Brats Of The Lost Nebula Clips On YouTube!).


Now thanks to a tweet from Dan Clark, I’ve been alerted that Hulu is finally carrying it.

It took less time for me to finally see an even more obscure puppet series — Interster from South Africa!

Anyone who grew up watching Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation productions will want to see Brats of the Lost Nebula.

As far as I know, this is the final puppet TV series that has been “lost.” Even the pilots of Paul Starr and The Investigator wound up on YouTube for viewing (legally or not!).

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TV: Old School


Old School is a new eight-part TV series airing in Australia.

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cngadget Gets A Pipo T9

First look at Pipo T9 the 8.9-inch FHD Octa-core Tablet

And even in their brief first look they’ve uncovered yet another problem with that tablet:

On the same left side we find a round port for charging, which is not very common on newer devices as micro USB is now standard for charging.

The good news is that under the plastic cover where you find the microSD card slot and SIM card slot you also find a micro USB port that will charge the tablet, the bad news is that you will have to remove that plastic cover on each charging occasion, and if you use the custom case you will more likely keep the plastic cover off your device. What where Pipo thinking here ??

I hope their upcoming iPad Mini clone, the Rockchip 3288-based Pipo P8, has more thought put into its design!

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Chinese Tablet News Roundup

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Chuwi VX3 Gets A Review


The VX3 is Chuwi’s latest “talk tablet.” It has a seven-inch 1920 x 1200 IPS screen, an octa-core MediaTek 6592 CPU running at 1.7GHz, 2GBs of RAM, 16GBs of storage, microSD card slot, 2MP front and 8MP back cameras, and 3G connectivity via dual SIM card slots.

It’s been reviewed by IMP3Net [Google Translate]. And whenever “IMP3Net” and “Chuwi” are together, I must point out these two past posts: Did IMP3Net Remove A Review Of The Chuwi V88? and IMP3Net Pulled Its Chuwi V88 Review And Changed It.

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Two Phones, Same Guts, Different Performance


INPAI has an eye-popping article about how two phones with the same guts can offer vastly different performance [Google Translate]. [Link fixed.]

This is very long and one of the most in-depth tests I’ve ever seen published anywhere.

It’s worth slogging through the Google English to see just what was tested and each result. You’ll get a real education into how complex and thorough some testing can be.

At the end is the punch line — and the culprit isn’t anything you would expect! I certainly didn’t.

If you ever wonder why your phone or tablet performs differently from one with identical specs, it could be what’s going on with these two phones. At the very least, you’d be able to confirm it — even if you couldn’t change it.


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