Brats Of The Lost Nebula: The Final “Lost” Puppet Series

I have waited over seven freakin years for this (February 24th, 2007: Brats Of The Lost Nebula Clips On YouTube!).


Now thanks to a tweet from Dan Clark, I’ve been alerted that Hulu is finally carrying it.

It took less time for me to finally see an even more obscure puppet series — Interster from South Africa!

Anyone who grew up watching Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation productions will want to see Brats of the Lost Nebula.

As far as I know, this is the final puppet TV series that has been “lost.” Even the pilots of Paul Starr and The Investigator wound up on YouTube for viewing (legally or not!).

Previously here:

TV: Brats Of The Lost Nebula

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One response to “Brats Of The Lost Nebula: The Final “Lost” Puppet Series

  1. Ian

    Hi Mike,

    Nice to know that you also like ‘puppet movies’. You must have heard of George Pal, a Hungarian who made the (famous) company movies for Philips Electronics of The Netherlands in the 1930’s, the so called Puppetoons. In 1939 he moved to the USA and received an Oscar in 1943. He was director for the 1960’s movie ‘The time machine’ and was also responsible for the special effects. You can find a lot of his wonderful made company movies on YouTube.

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