cngadget Gets A Pipo T9

First look at Pipo T9 the 8.9-inch FHD Octa-core Tablet

And even in their brief first look they’ve uncovered yet another problem with that tablet:

On the same left side we find a round port for charging, which is not very common on newer devices as micro USB is now standard for charging.

The good news is that under the plastic cover where you find the microSD card slot and SIM card slot you also find a micro USB port that will charge the tablet, the bad news is that you will have to remove that plastic cover on each charging occasion, and if you use the custom case you will more likely keep the plastic cover off your device. What where Pipo thinking here ??

I hope their upcoming iPad Mini clone, the Rockchip 3288-based Pipo P8, has more thought put into its design!

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One response to “cngadget Gets A Pipo T9

  1. Actually, most major brands still use traditional dedicated AC port charger connection (not sure why you seem to want to make this as a negative “issue” with the Pipo T9 or any other tablet model.

    The reason is AC charging is a significantly more efficient method to charging, as power demands of tablets are a bit too much for USB charging.

    As for the removable ports panel cover on the Pipo T9, it’s a much better design than previous models and certainly adds to the sleek design that the Pipo T9 offers that puts it on par with top brands.

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