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Fargo TV Series: Google Hangout 5PM EDST Today

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The Windows Small Tablet Flood Begins

On June 1st, tablet vendors will be able to offer a Windows download option for their small tablets at no cost to them (although there might be a cost to users).

Today we have news of two new small Windows tablets from Colorfly and Cube.

Colorfly’s entry starts out as Android and has the irritating name i803 Q1.


It begins as an Android tablet but will support dual-boot into Windows and has been shown running Windows too.

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iFive Mini 3GS Horrible Arrival

Louis left this Comment:

Bought this tablet from It came to me yesterday 24 May. And this is first time I encounter such issue. Half of the screen is dead when opening the box and turning the tablet on. I think I will request Dead on Arrival case for returning the tablet.


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iFive Mini 3GS Storage Issue Poll Ended


Only 98 people voted. And they want to switch from MSC to MTP. Will Five change the storage configuration?

Meanwhile, Five really doesn’t want people to root the 3GS despite the outcries. (Fifth Miracle is Five Technology staff.)


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The WTF AnTuTu Score Of The Chuwi VX3

The Chuwi VX3 is a seven-inch tablet with a 1920 x 1200 screen powered by an octa-core 1.7GHz MediaTek 6592.

That’s the same CPU as the iFive Mini 3GS.


Previously, Chuwi has claimed an unbelievable VX3 AnTuTu score.

And now that someone else has run AnTuTu, it gets even weirder.

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小米平板 Xiaomi MiPad: Three New Videos


Three new videos demonstrating gameplay on the Xiaomi MiPad.

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Twitter Now Does Language Translation

Provided by Microsoft Bing:


The globe icon at upper right displays Bing-provided translation.


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Xiaomi MiPad: Second AnTuTu Score

New AnTuTu screens have emerged.

They were published last week at the English-language MIUI forum. And the score is higher than an independent one. AnTuTu can do that.

These are all Retina-sized [reduced to 800 pixels wide] so click to read the details.

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Xiaomi MiPad: Camera Photo Sample

Thanks to Edward Weinert who found them and gave me the link.


None of these are full resolution but purport to be sample photos taken with the MiPad 8MP back camera.

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Blu Life View Tab: WTF?


Apparently budget phone maker Blu announced a tablet back in January but I just heard about it now. Coverage of it has been thin, to say the least!

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