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Xiaomi MiPad Meets Hell’s Kitchen

This video is …

Well, see it for yourself after the break.

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Amazon Phone Coming June 18th

Amazon will unveil its smartphone June 18th (probably)

Here’s the hype:

I can’t wait to see the reaction from all those who have been hyping iOS 8!

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Fargo: Episode Eight


Two episodes left.

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TV: Salamander


Salamander is a twelve-part political mystery/crime drama from Belgium.

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The First Cheap Brand-Name Full-Windows Tablet


June 4th, 2014: Toshiba introduces a 7 inch Windows 8.1 tablet and Toshiba Encore 7 Windows Tablet is good and bad at the same time.

April 8, 2014: US$60 Full Windows Tablets Coming

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Five Leaks New MediaTek Mini Tablet

With everyone is waiting for the official announcement of the iFive Mini 4, Five has instead leaked a new MediaTek 8382-based tablet [Google Translate].


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And All The “Experts” Laughed

When I told several people who cover the company for their living that Microsoft likely canceled the Surface Mini not due to the reasons they “leaked” but due to cheap Chinese Windows tablets, I was dismissed and basically laughed at.

All of you “experts” can go bite me now:


handwriting 8-inch Windows 8 tablet prototype.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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iFive Mini 3GS: Headset Plug Issue

Over at the 5Fans forum, a user points out the difference between two headset plugs, one of which is incompatible with the iFive Mini 3GS [Google Translate]:


Basically, C & D bands are reversed between the two. Which one is compatible with the iFive Mini 3GS? I don’t know. It’s all Chinese embedded in a graphic.

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