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Tenspeed & Brown Shoe: The Pilot


I learned this was available on YouTube from The Rap Sheet: Homage? Spoof? Or Both?

I think this was the best series Stephen J. Cannell ever produced.

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Teclast Announces Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone: P89 3G

Now the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 and 3GS have competition.


Announced via Teclast’s Weibo:

#台电P89 3G八核#7.9英寸视网膜屏3G通话平板6.7日@天猫 预售!配备联发科MT8392真八核处理器,支持WCDMA\GSM通话上网,采用7.9英寸视网膜屏幕,2GB LP DDR3内存,16GB eMMC内置储存,更有平板手势唤醒功能、闪传功能、笑脸快门、手势快门,让你使用平板更加尽兴!首发价999元!

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Sharp Move, Apple

Apple looks to boost iPhone sales in stores with new pre-paid & month-to-month plans

Apple Stores will soon stock up on AT&T GoPhone pre-paid activation kits and SIM cards, and stores will use the existing T-Mobile SIM cards for customers that will choose T-Mobile pre-paid plans. Apple will begin training its store employees on the new pre-paid and month-to-month iPhone sales practices in the coming weeks. Sales staff will promote AT&T’s $60 per month pre-paid plan (with 2.5GB of internet data and unlimited talk and text) to those seeking AT&T plans, while the stores will offer $50/month (1GB LTE data) and $70/month (5GB LTE data) unlimited data plans to customers seeking T-Mobile devices. The activations must be done at the time of purchase in Apple Stores and those devices will be unable to be returned to Apple for a refund.

LTE and T-Mobile. Whoa. I’ll have to think about this when the larger-screen iPhones come out.

This is the kind of thing Apple has needed. I’ve said so since 2010: The Photo Foretelling Apple’s Doom.

This will really help expand their market and might even snag me later this year.

Well done, Apple.

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