Teclast Announces Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone: P89 3G

Now the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 and 3GS have competition.


Announced via Teclast’s Weibo:

#台电P89 3G八核#7.9英寸视网膜屏3G通话平板6.7日@天猫 预售!配备联发科MT8392真八核处理器,支持WCDMA\GSM通话上网,采用7.9英寸视网膜屏幕,2GB LP DDR3内存,16GB eMMC内置储存,更有平板手势唤醒功能、闪传功能、笑脸快门、手势快门,让你使用平板更加尽兴!首发价999元!

Google Translate:

# # Taipower P89 3G eight-core 7.9 inches retina screen 3G call tablet 6.7 2010 @ Lynx presale! With MediaTek MT8392 true eight-core processor, support for WCDMA \ GSM call the Internet, using 7.9 inches retina screen, 2GB LP DDR3 memory, 16GB eMMC internal storage, more flat gesture wake-up function, transfer function flash, Smile Shutter, shutter gesture, so you use the tablet even more fun! Starting price of 999 yuan!

A 7.9-inch Retina-class IPS screen, octa-core MediaTek 8392 CPU with a peak frequency of 1.7GHz, 2GBs of RAM, 16GBs of internal storage, microSD card slot, microUSB port, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, 2MP front and 5MP back cameras, 5,000mAh battery, GPS, and SIM card slot for WCDMA + GSM 3G that will work in China and likely in Europe (America is questionable). Android 4.4.2 with Teclast’s iOS-like tUI skin. And although the back shows twin speaker grilles, Teclast has previously been caught putting a single speaker in a tablet with twin grilles so beware of this as a possible fraud until disassembly photos show otherwise. AAC is touted to improve sound quality. Although there’s no HDMI-out, there is Miracast.

As shown in the initial photo, the back is that Tyrant Gold color (sometimes also called Champagne).

Performance will be on par with the iFive Mini 3GS in terms of AnTuTu score — the 27,000-range — so this really is an alternative to Five’s tablet.

Since Teclast’s forum blocks Google Translate, I haven’t been monitoring it to see if people have had any problems with Teclast’s other tablets — particularly the X89 3G. I know that until rooting was available for the iFive Mini 3GS, the 5Fans forum had been filling up with complaints about the 3GS. It’s unknown at this time if the Teclast P89 3G will suffer from the same microSD card restrictions that enraged iFive Mini 3GS owners.


Some more beauty renders:



Teclast’s tUI also supports gestures for certain actions …


… but I wouldn’t use this as a reason to buy. A review of the X98 3G found gesture recognition to be unreliable.

Note that the MediaTek 8392 is the same CPU being used in the CUBE Talk9x.

There are posts at IMP3Net [Google Translate] and PadHz [Google Translate].

The Tmall presale page is here [Google Translate]. Teclast is pushing it hard against the iPad Mini 2:


Points to their marketing team for using those faces everyone on the Net has seen.

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