June 2014 China Checklist

This post will go away tomorrow, July 1st, despite being incomplete as first composed.

To keep people from asking the same questions here over and over, I’m making this post a sticky. Scroll down one for new posts.

This is what we’re waiting for in June. As each one appears, I will do a strikethrough and link indicating a post has been published here about it.

1) Windows firmware upgrade for
Teclast X98 3G [Post 1] [Post 2] [Post 3]
Onda V819i [Post 1] [Post 2] [Post 3] [Post 4] [Post 5] [Post 6]
Onda V975i [Post 1] [Post 2] [Post 3] [Post 4] [Post 5] [Post 6]
– others (will specify here)

2) Rockchip 3288 CPU formal introduction and tablets from:
Five Technology [Post 1] [Post 2]
– Onda
– Teclast
– Chuwi [Post 1]
Pipo [Post 1] [Post 2] [Post 3]
– others (will specify here)

3) Allwinner A80 CPU formal introduction and tablets from:
– Five Technology
Onda [Post 1] [Post 2]
– Teclast
– Chuwi
– Pipo
– others (will specify here)


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42 responses to “June 2014 China Checklist

  1. John

    Hey Mike, what do you think about Chromebook based on Rockchip RK3288? It looks like MacBook Air. Rumoured price point is only $149-$199. http://youtu.be/D7tnUqi6MQM

  2. Rashel

    There will be xiaomi mipad based on nvidia tegra k1.

    • mikecane

      That’s already been formally announced. Since the initial batches will go exclusively to Mi fans as part of an extended beta test, it doesn’t count for most everyday people.

  3. Clancy

    Hey Mike, I’m looking for a 9.7″ tablet that is somewhat future proof. Should I wait for the 3288 devices to become available?
    Also is the Teclast X98 my best option if i want to dual boot Windows/Android or is there a better intel-based Tablet on the way?


    • mikecane

      The Teclast X98 3G does not seem to support dual-boot. It’s either Android OR Windows.

      Wait for the 3288 and A80 tablets to be announced. Everything will be improved in a year with 4G added.

      • Clancy

        Was only interested in dual boot, do any of the chinese tablets support dual boot from your knowledge?

        I remember reading on your blog that the A80 being octo-core would struggle to perform aswell as the 3288, do you still think thats the case?
        Right now 3G/4G isn’t really an issue as I can always WiFi hot-spot off my phone, but just want to buy a quality product.

      • mikecane

        Onda has yet to issue their Windows update, so it’s unknown if it’ll support dual-boot. Intel and reports from China gave everyone the impression they’d all be dual-boot. I don’t see the sense in buying an Android tablet to turn it into Windows unless you really want a 9.7 4:3 Retina-class screen. Maybe dual-boot can be added later but there’s no word on that.

        Onda is leaking its A80 tablet with some impressive benchmarks but nothing can be known until reviewers and users have it in their hands — the same for 3288 tablets.

  4. Clancy

    I was going to buy a iPad Air as I really do think the 9.7″ screen with the 4:3 aspect ratio is the best for tablets but I just prefer Android. Agreed 4:3 isn’t really suited for Windows as it would be in landscape all the time I presume (or does it work portrait too?) but I was interested. Especially after seeing the Teclast X98 playing World of Warcraft, which impressed me quite alot.

    I’ll have to wait for some reviews I guess, any idea when we’d be seeing the A80 and 3288 tablets be up for sale?

    • mikecane

      Windows will rotate to portrait on all tablets — as long as there’s an accelerometer (a manual setting can also do it, IIRC).

      All we know about the 3288 and A80 tablets coming is the “in a few weeks” — that’s been going on for a few weeks now.

  5. Clancy

    Thanks well I’ll keep checking the blog, thanks.

  6. Giacomo

    Hi Mike, i’m looking for a tablet. So, reading what you wrote,do you suggest us to wait the release of rk3288 and A80 tablets? i saw Pipo P1 and Cube Talk9x but i don’t know what to do.

  7. Eric

    Other tablet with nvidia tegra k1.? or it’s exclusive for xiaomi ?

    • mikecane

      Not so far, but Liliputing posted today that a tablet from Nvidia appeared at the FCC. CPU unknown, but it only makes sense to be the K1.

  8. highwind

    Hi Mike,

    do you have any information on how the Windows-Android switch on the Teclast X98 and/or Onda V975i works?
    If you currently have Android running and then install Windows on it, will your Android installation be lost so that you will have to install all programs again / make all settings again if you want to switch back to Android (and vice versa for Windows installation)?
    Or are both installations kept withing the storage and you just change the bootloader?

  9. LVL91

    Check this out: http://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=605&t=3954604
    The Teclast P90HD seems nice…

  10. LVL91

    Ah I see! I think you are WAY to fast with this news, and that’s why I check out your website. ;) Keep up the good work!

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  12. LVL91

    An actual antutu test of the P90HD (don’t know if it’s Antutu X though): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YxQfYkIydM

  13. common

    I am confused with Pipo P1 vs Teclast p90HS vs something else
    Which is recommended.

    What i feel
    pipo p1 better coz 10000mah battery vs 7000mah
    P90HD better because 2560×1600 vs 2048×1536

    no idea about wifi quality, total build quality etc..
    is bay trail tabs better than rk3288?

    Please recommend one(even different model is ok in similar price range)

    • mikecane

      Both have Rockchip 3288. I can’t recommend specific devices to people. In this instance, either should be good.

  14. Hi Mike,

    I don’t recall you mentioning VOYO Winpad A1 MINI in your posts. What do you think about it? It has 2G/32G compared to other W8 8″ tablets. Thanks.

  15. Jan

    Well, if you try to download the Windows file the Baidu want you to install an exe script that makes youe virus scanners running red alert.
    Even after deactivating them the script seem to be corrupted and does not want to execute.

  16. E.T.

    Mike, note the rumors of the HTC Nexus tablet at http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/06/21/this-is-volantis-htcs-nine-inch-nexus-tablet. It will have a 8.9″ screen at 2048×1440 running a Tegra K1. Could be a very interesting alternative to the Chines iPad mini clones.

  17. sev7en

    First of all thanks for your blog. There are many Chinese tablet as well platform (chipset) but which one is for you the faster? I mean… RK, MediaTek?

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