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Xiaomi MiPad Gets A Second Review


This one was published two days ago at PCPop and I wound up missing it (I think Google Translate was having problems with that site then) [Google Translate].

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Teclast X98 3G: Long Windows Demo Video


I found this on Youku and cross-posted it to YouTube. It’s a brand new video posted today. Looks like the fellow is a Teclast employee tasked with giving a demo of the Windows 8.1 upgrade. Look closely and you’ll see he’s checking off a list at the left side off-screen!

Some screensnap appetizers after the break followed by the full-course video.

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The Second Rise Of Nikki Finke

So now we know why Nikki Finke’s site didn’t launch on June 2nd: Penske Trying To Shut Me Down

For those not in the know, Penske owns Deadline Hollywood which I founded and ran until our Fall 2013 dust-up. As you know, I dutifully sat out months because of the non-compete. That ended on April 1st when Penske did not pay the 6-figure sum I was owed. So I was able to start work again on June 2nd.

Meanwhile, Penske was negotiating with me to come back to Deadline! He was throwing money at me — nearly $500,000 a year to not even write a word — plus other good stuff. But every time I accepted his settlement, he would change terms adverse to me, and then we’d have to negotiate all over again. So on the night of June 11th, we reached an impasse. And I started up NikkiFinke.com the next day.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Really, anyone in Hollywood who has the idea of not feeding news to Nikki, here’s a clue. Deadline Hollywood is now DEAD-line Hollywood.

Only the cowards feed it and read it.

Those of us who once went there weren’t reading it. We were reading Nikki Finke.

Now we can again.

Previously here:

Welcome Back, Nikki Finke!
Nikki Finke Going Solo Again

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Xiaomi MiPad Gets In-Depth Review

ZOL goes into more depth than they usually do here [Google Translate].

Upfront, the only things I didn’t see them test was microSD r/w speed, wirelessly casting video to a TV, and image quality of the camera with still photos and video. Otherwise, they ran a hell of a lot of tests.

Screensnaps after the break.

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Onda Cancels Their Android Tablet Windows Upgrade!

Update, Friday June 20 2014: Onda has reversed course: Onda Re-Announces V819i Windows Upgrade, Onda To Release V975i Windows Upgrade.

This is some stunning news, especially on the heels of Teclast releasing theirs. I guess Onda realized that it’s not something the average user can do.

In a Weibo communique published today:

#昂达&英特尔64位平板##昂达升级正版Win8.1系统#昂达作出了一个艰难的决定:昂达将为所有的#昂达V819i四核#、#昂达V975i四核#用户,进行Win8.1平板以旧换新服务,所更换新品不仅配置相同,并预装正版Win8.1系统,免去一切升级烦恼!详细换机方案下周公布!↓详情放大下图↓@英特尔中国 @微软Windows

Google Translate:

# Onda & Intel 64 Tablet # # # Onda Onda upgrade genuine Win8.1 system made ​​a difficult decision: Onda Onda V819i for all quad-core # #, # # Onda V975i quad-core users, conducted Win8.1 flat trade services, not just the same configuration as the replacement of new and pre-installed genuine Win8.1 system, replacing all upgrades trouble! Detailed replacement program announced next week! The following chart details Enlarge ↓ ↓ @ @ Microsoft Windows Intel China

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

In other words, anyone who bought the Onda V819i and Onda V975i on the basis that there would be Windows for them can exchange those tablets for the V819W and V975W that already have Windows installed.

See the chart after the break.

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Teclast X98 3G Windows Files

Same-day update: Contrary to original reports from China, this is not dual-boot Android-Windows. Flashing the ROM to Windows will make it a Windows-only tablet. (There’s no word yet if Onda tablets will do the same.) (For Onda, see this post.)

Same-day update: Additional information at end of post.

Despite the Teclast forum being locked, someone went and copied into the open in the very same forum the instructions and the file links to the Windows upgrade.

The instructions are very complex and I’m not going to reproduce them here because of the high risk of bricking the tablet.

However, I will publish the links to the upgrade files.

If you have a Teclast X98 3G, I suggest you go grab the files now and wait for cngadget to post the instructions in clearer English.

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