Onda Cancels Their Android Tablet Windows Upgrade!

Update, Friday June 20 2014: Onda has reversed course: Onda Re-Announces V819i Windows Upgrade, Onda To Release V975i Windows Upgrade.

This is some stunning news, especially on the heels of Teclast releasing theirs. I guess Onda realized that it’s not something the average user can do.

In a Weibo communique published today:

#昂达&英特尔64位平板##昂达升级正版Win8.1系统#昂达作出了一个艰难的决定:昂达将为所有的#昂达V819i四核#、#昂达V975i四核#用户,进行Win8.1平板以旧换新服务,所更换新品不仅配置相同,并预装正版Win8.1系统,免去一切升级烦恼!详细换机方案下周公布!↓详情放大下图↓@英特尔中国 @微软Windows

Google Translate:

# Onda & Intel 64 Tablet # # # Onda Onda upgrade genuine Win8.1 system made ​​a difficult decision: Onda Onda V819i for all quad-core # #, # # Onda V975i quad-core users, conducted Win8.1 flat trade services, not just the same configuration as the replacement of new and pre-installed genuine Win8.1 system, replacing all upgrades trouble! Detailed replacement program announced next week! The following chart details Enlarge ↓ ↓ @ @ Microsoft Windows Intel China

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

In other words, anyone who bought the Onda V819i and Onda V975i on the basis that there would be Windows for them can exchange those tablets for the V819W and V975W that already have Windows installed.

See the chart after the break.


I guess Onda realized that all of the people who were hoping for dual-boot Android-Windows and bought those tablets based on that hype would be disappointed to find there wouldn’t be dual-boot. So for those who wanted Windows in those size tablets, Onda will exchange them for new.

I think that’s pretty classy of Onda.

Rather than alienate a whole bunch of users who aren’t technically adept enough to flash a ROM (and if the Teclast instructions are anything to go by, that’s like most people), just let them have the Windows they want without the headaches.

Really, who could complain over getting a new tablet for one that’s been used?

I was beginning to wonder why Onda didn’t announce their upgrade. And I was surprised to see that Teclast’s upgrade was so intensely technical.

So dies the dream of dual-boot Android-Windows.

For now?

Same-day update: The announcement by Onda is now even more stunning! Just eight hours earlier they sent out this Weibo communique:

#昂达&英特尔64位平板电脑##昂达升级Win8.1#今日,微软Win8.1培训会在昂达进行,正版Win8.1升级即将来袭!#昂达V819i四核##昂达V975i四核#的小伙伴们,敬请期待!@微软Windows @英特尔中国 @英特尔芯品汇

Google Translate:

# Onda & Intel 64 Tablet PC Onda upgrade Win8.1 # # # Today, Microsoft Win8.1 training will be conducted in Onda, genuine Win8.1 upgrade impending onslaught! # # # Onda Onda V819i V975i quad-core quad-core # little friends, so stay tuned! Microsoft Windows @ @ @ Intel Intel Core Collection of Chinese

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This tells me something a hell of a lot more than just the technical difficulty of flashing a ROM happened during the course of the day!

Since I’ve never seen something like this ever happen before, I’m including the screensnaps in case the Weibos disappear:



Previously here:

Video: Windows 8 On Onda V819i And V975i
Teclast/Onda Android To Windows: Possible Method
Onda V975i: Android And Windows?!


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31 responses to “Onda Cancels Their Android Tablet Windows Upgrade!

  1. What does the second Weibo message mean? Did they just admit they weren’t capable of upgrading the Windows 8.1 tablets themselves?

  2. Marcus

    What.. It does not make sense. I’m guessing, they are going to reuse the internal hardware. When you exchange the devices, they will give you a “refurbished” with windows flashed onto it. The device you just returned will be flashed with windows and then with a new aluminium backing etc etc it will be shipped to another customer.

  3. KIRA

    This is ONDA!!
    I will not buy onda`s tablet more.

  4. Cody

    # Onda & Intel 64 Tablet PC Onda upgrade Win8.1 # # # Today, Microsoft Win8.1 training will be conducted in Onda, genuine Win8.1 upgrade impending onslaught! # # # Onda Onda V819i V975i quad-core quad-core # little friends, so stay tuned! Microsoft Windows @ @ @ Intel Intel Core Collection of Chinese

    i didnt really understand this part, what does it mean mike?

    • mikecane

      It means they were pimping the upcoming downloadable upgrade — only to cancel it eight hours later.

      1) Microsoft told them not to do it and made them a better offer, or

      2) Microsoft’s lawyers told them not to do it, or

      3) They decided it was too much for ordinary customers to do, or

      4) They expected Intel to deliver a dual-boot solution and Intel said they couldn’t (for whatever reasons, but see 2 above)

      • Cody

        thanks that explains a lot. but i doubt microsoft’s lawyers had anything to do with it, because then they would prevent teclast from releasing the windows 8 update as well, wouldnt you agree? but whatever the reason, mike is this now 100% confirmed by Onda that they wont be releasing the windows 8 update or is it still undergoing talks?

        what a disappointment though, especially for international buyers. For one thing, it isnt free to send a tablet and receive a replacement. And for another, some of us are quite confident with flashing roms on android. those instructions for teclast only seemed complicated because it wasnt translated by a human.

        One of the main advertising for this tablet was the availability of windows in the future and now its turned out to be a complete lie. And just their previous release, the v975m was another huge disappointment due to its fraudulent Antutu benchmark scores and so many bugs in their firmware. I wouldnt buy from Onda ever again.

      • mikecane

        It’s dead, Jim. I wonder if the Teclast Windows firmware would work? Main components are the same. Who feels adventurous?

  5. Edisson

    That hurts, and I have it on my way home, buy it expecting W8.1 come to think that it would dual boot and now all were very cheated by pipo ONDA had ever bought, and now I decide this and bad choice, which do you think? think that in the end there is a W8.1?

  6. Edisson

    I wonder if Chinese users are complaining about this are bad news .. I read that next week ofical announced the news .. is this true or is this already totally real?

    • mikecane

      It’s real It was on Onda’s Weibo. None of the tech press in China have picked up on it yet — Onda was smart to wait until late Friday to announce it.

  7. Edisson

    Look at this Mike

    @ Onda microblogging

    [Upgrade] # # Onda V819i quad-core Win8.1 system, detailed tutorials and system upgrade upgrade firmware download → http://t.cn/Rv9PKRr (password 58r4)! Please upgrade users in strict accordance with the tutorial, upgrade risk, before the system can not be restored after the upgrade fails, no upgrade is not recommended for experienced users to download upgrades! Please consider carefully before upgrading!


    What do you think? :O

  8. Dima

    Ah could not expect less from Onda, well the bright side is that someone was able to port teclast rom and installation process to onda.
    so it’s only metter of time until someone will make us a working guide on english on how to flash windows unofficial.

    • mikecane

      Did you look at the updated posts in the links?

      • Dima

        what post your talking about yours part 4? if yes then ofc i did.
        anyway i was talking about the one malkovic posted.
        as far as i got from translate they already have running version and even posted battery info on windows.

        also i quite sure as soon as v975w will be out some one will find how to flash it on i version , i can bet on hardware part they will be identical anyway.

  9. Znawca

    Mike, do you know about offers V975W and V819W?

    I would like to buy with Windows 8.1 by seller. Where can I buy?

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