Teclast X98 3G Windows Files

Same-day update: Contrary to original reports from China, this is not dual-boot Android-Windows. Flashing the ROM to Windows will make it a Windows-only tablet. (There’s no word yet if Onda tablets will do the same.) (For Onda, see this post.)

Same-day update: Additional information at end of post.

Despite the Teclast forum being locked, someone went and copied into the open in the very same forum the instructions and the file links to the Windows upgrade.

The instructions are very complex and I’m not going to reproduce them here because of the high risk of bricking the tablet.

However, I will publish the links to the upgrade files.

If you have a Teclast X98 3G, I suggest you go grab the files now and wait for cngadget to post the instructions in clearer English.

I’m going to illustrate the complete decision tree here, so don’t follow along until after you’ve read all of it. Click all images to enlarge.

Important: This post is telling you only how to get the files. This doesn’t mean the files will be ready to use. They might need to be in specific folders, so wait for cngadget to publish the clear instructions.

Further note that I used Firefox (latest version) for this. There might be some differences with other browsers.

First link: Win8.1 TP driver http://pan.baidu.com/s/1sjArD1r password: 123k

You will see this at the link (I’ve already entered the password into the field):


Click the blue button to get this:


If you check the box at the right and then hit download (highlighted in red)…


… this happens:


Clicking that blue button displays this:


I don’t know what that dialog is saying or why it wants to download an exe file. So don’t do that!

Instead do this here:


Click on that folder name (not the folder icon!) to open it, to display:


You might be tempted to click to select all:


Then hit Download:


But don’t do that!

I tried it and it didn’t download all four.

Instead, place your pointer over each one to highlight:


And then click download:


To see this (ignore that I have all files checked in the background):


Clicking on the white button to display:


Click on that blue button to download:


Note this will take some time! My test download took nearly an hour just for the 270MB file! If you have superfast Internet, it might go faster — although it’s been my experience that sometimes downloads from China are just slow no matter what.


Repeat that for each of the three remaining files.

Don’t be surprised if you get a CAPCHA between each one:


Just enter it (they were all English letters in my experience) and hit the blue button to download:


Second link: X98 3G WIN8.1 firmware http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eQnD3F0 password: zykw

Enter the password and hit the blue button:


To see:


Click on the folder name (not the folder icon) …


… to open it:


Highlight each filename and hit the download link and follow the steps as above (white button, then blue button to download). Notice the disk space you will need!

This will likely take hours and hours.

But at the end you’ll have all the files needed to put Windows 8.1 on the Teclast X98 3G.

Just remember to wait for cngadget to publish the clear English instructions!

Also remember that neither of us will be held responsible if your tablet is bricked!

Same-day update: For more information about how people are reacting to the update, see the Teclast forum (drop that URL into Bing Translator; it won’t work with Google Translate). Someone has compiled a list of various Windows-related posts here. Note that many (too many!) posts have hidden content that require registration (good luck with that!).

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6 responses to “Teclast X98 3G Windows Files

  1. Znawca

    You know maybe if the tablets now will be selling with dual boot Windows 8.1 + android by sellers?

    • mikecane

      Unless Teclast can get Intel to give them dual-boot, dual-boot is dead. As far as I know, only Ramos has a dual-boot tablet. Not even sure if it’s actually on sale yet. Windows is already on it with Android.

  2. The blue button is prompting you to install the Baidu cloud manager. It’s pretty similar to what others like MediaFire do.

  3. ftechno

    if i want back to android from windows by flash. is it possible ?

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