Xiaomi MiPad Gets A Second Review


This one was published two days ago at PCPop and I wound up missing it (I think Google Translate was having problems with that site then) [Google Translate].

Let’s do the benchmarks.

AnTuTu 4.x:






The scores are somewhat higher than what ZOL got — but what really stands out is the weird 3DMark score, which is some ten thousand higher than the one ZOL got! I would tend to discount that 3DMark score as being anomalous, especially since they didn’t publish the entire screensnap. Unlike the review at ZOL, fewer tests were done but they did do the cameras. Here are some samples (click for very large):





Those were from the 8MP back camera. This is from the 5MP front camera:


I notice that focus drops off rather quickly. It’s impossible to say why that is. It could be the way they were focused on-screen. Otherwise, they look very good.

It would have been good to have sample video too, especially to hear the quality of the microphone — mics are sometimes very poor quality in tablets, especially when there’s wind.

Like ZOL, PCPop notices that some games expect a 16:9/10 screen and thus some appear a bit squished on the 4:3 MiPad screen. But they also point out that Xiaomi intends to vet apps for their tablet app store so this problem could be bypassed that way. I expect devs will want to get into the Xiaomi app store and will make whatever adjustments are necessary for the best experience.

Unlike ZOL, PCPop has nothing but praise for the MiPad and says it’s easily worth the price. I agree. Xiaomi is setting a new standard here and is correct in going with a 4:3 aspect ratio. That’s what’s best for the Net and watching videos is not big deal with black bars. Anyone who does more video watching than reading can always get a tablet from Samsung or other brands — and then suffer from the app chaos that Xiaomi will try to clean up with its own app store.

I really didn’t need another review to reinforce my interest in the MiPad. Yet here it is.

But will my interest remain when the Rockchip 3288 and Allwinner A80 tablets start appearing? We’ll see.

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