Xiaomi MiPad Gets In-Depth Review

ZOL goes into more depth than they usually do here [Google Translate].

Upfront, the only things I didn’t see them test was microSD r/w speed, wirelessly casting video to a TV, and image quality of the camera with still photos and video. Otherwise, they ran a hell of a lot of tests.

Screensnaps after the break.

These are all of the benchmarks that interest me (and I think most people).

AnTuTu 4.x score:



AnTuTu comparison (I don’t know if these are the same version):


Basemark OS II:



Geekbench 3:


Geekbench 3 comparison:




3DMark comparison:


There are many other tests at the review, including screen color tests, other benchmarks such as Velamo, testing the back temperature of the tablet, running some games, video format playback tests, and a preliminary battery rundown test.

The overall tone of the ZOL review is hostile to Xiaomi. Which is very odd. It’s especially stinging how they constantly tell people that other tablets can be just as good. That’s not really something they’ve done in past reviews of other tablets. I’ve never, for example, seen them tell people to get an iPad Mini clone for less money than the original iPad Mini!

And here is where their review gets really, really bizarre, flinging an accusation at Xiaomi that’s usually flung at Apple here in America:

Then the depth of experience and explores the [Xiaomi] flat after successful [Xiaomi] exactly why? Some people would say that hunger marketing, some people would say is cost-effective, I think it is more a triumph of marketing.

I must note that the boldface red text is in the original! That’s how strongly they slam Xiaomi!

In other words, no matter what Xiaomi comes out with, you can find something just as good from someone else. What drives the success of Xiaomi is not that they produce the best of anything, but that limited-supply marketing accounts for everything.

That’s rather idiotic.

Marketing can only do so much — and sometimes marketing can’t do a damn thing. Witness the disaster of the original Windows RT Surface tablet. Microsoft marketed the hell out of it — but people weren’t buying in droves. Even with some stunning price drops, the Surface RT was buyer poison.

And for those who think Apple has had nothing but triumphs with Steve Jobs, I remind you of the iPod Hi-Fi. Not even marketing could save that turkey.

So ZOL claiming that magical marketing drives the success of Xiaomi is just plain stupid, if not spiteful.

I’m interested in the Xiaomi MiPad because of what it offers and my interest has been increased after seeing the world-class design and internal assembly that goes into it. Maybe ZOL should have looked at those disassembly photos. I know they’ve run plenty of tape-filled Chinese tablet disassembly photos — and never once did they tell readers to avoid such “cottage” products.

Thanks for the review, ZOL. But really, Next!

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