The Pipo P1 Is A Rockchip 3288 MONSTER!


While Apple couldn’t do two-pane multitasking for the introduction of iOS 8, Rockchip has done MultiWindow Android 2.0 — which is like something out of science-fiction!

I didn’t appreciate just how damn powerful the Rockchip 3288 and Mali T764 GPU combination were until I saw two new videos today.

What’s going on in this photo:


1) Top Left: Settings
2) Top Right: Streaming video
3) Lower Left: 4K — did you get that? 4K — video playback
4) Lower Right: Gallery app with 2048 x 1536 images

And it runs as if this was the way computing always should have been!

No stuttering, no glitches, no hiccups — nothing but smooooooth.

Even when he goes crazy and does this …


… making the videos thumbnail-sized, they still play just fine!

And paging through the Gallery — a collection of screensnaps that show nothing but 40,000-range scores for the Pipo P1! — there’s no lag!

Here he’s added Baidu Maps …


… and it’s still all smooth!

If all of that wasn’t WOW!!!11 enough, dig this …


… he’s writing Chinese characters over the keyboard for handwriting recognition — and the videos don’t skip, stutter, freeze, burp, or hiccup!

Is this like science-fiction or what?

Before we get to the videos, some photos I’ve cloned from a Tmall listing:







The Pipo P1 won’t win any design awards. It looks somewhat like the HP TouchPad. I hope it won’t be as bulky or heavy.

And Pipo is continuing to do that thing where the tablet is in one box and the charger and other things are in a separate box. I have to think they do that to make international sales easier. The tablet box doesn’t have to be opened to put in a country-specific charger. It makes inventory less problematic.

I don’t give a damn what Apple fanboiz say. This kicks the iPad’s ass. Rockchip has done what Apple hasn’t been able to do with just two panes. Fanboiz, shut up. You don’t work for Apple. What would be the reactions of actual Apple employees to these next two videos? I think something like this:

Before the videos, a note. He did them twice. The first time it was all upside-down.

Here is the second video, which is the correct orientation:

And this is the upside-down one, which is still worth seeing:

Previously here:

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13 responses to “The Pipo P1 Is A Rockchip 3288 MONSTER!

  1. That’s pretty incredible!

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  3. Marco

    Wow, this tablet really rocks, thanks for posting this!
    Any news about the release date?
    Thanks again

  4. Giacomo

    Does this tablet have 3g module? Because I need it and without is useless for what I have to do.

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  6. grenness

    several sellers on aliexpress.

    Does anyone know if charging is only via proprietary DC IN plug or can the micro USB be used for charging too?

  7. John T

    Can the Cube Talk 9X do Multi Windows like this, as well?

    • mikecane

      No. This feature is exclusive to Rockchip-based tablets.

      EDIT to add: Because it’s from Rockchip, not because of other technical reasons.

      • John T

        Thanks for the reply! I was wondering if I was ever going to find this out and it was as easy as just asking on here…

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