New Video: Pipo P1 & Pipo P8

At Computex, Notebook Italia has Pipo’s founder showing off his new Rockchip 3288-based devices — which include the P1 and the P8.


The P1, a Retina-class 9.7-inch display with MultiWindow Android 2.0 and an 8MP back camera:





The P8, a Retina-class 7.9-inch display with — wait for it:






It doesn’t sound to my ear as if he’s calling it the Huawei UltraStick, but it certainly resembles it!



It sounds to me like the 3G module has to be purchased separately. I guess that will lower the price. He also said that a 4G module is possible (Huawei has mentioned that too, but so far no word about it).


And now the video, which is in English:

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One response to “New Video: Pipo P1 & Pipo P8

  1. Mike

    The Pipo’s Look decent but I’m just not a fan of there back panels. Makes the tablets apear to be cheap and flimsy. When I review the Ifives and the Xiaomi 7.9″ Ipad -like clones tablets it just seems the quality is present.

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