Onda Releases “Official” V819i Windows Upgrade

Does this company even know what it’s doing anymore?

Yesterday: Onda’s Windows Upgrade Cancellation: It Gets Weirder
Friday: Onda Cancels Their Android Tablet Windows Upgrade!

Now today, Sunday, Onda issued a new Weibo communique:




Google Translate:

[Upgrade] # # Win8.1 Onda V819i quad-core system, detailed tutorials and system upgrade upgrade firmware download (link updated) → http://t.cn/RvCvmtT (password qocs)! Please upgrade users in strict accordance with the tutorial, upgrade risk, before the system can not be restored after the upgrade fails, no upgrade is not recommended for experienced users to download upgrades! Please consider carefully before upgrading!

It’s basically yesterday’s earlier Weibo communique that they recanted!

Anyway, what you get when you go to this URL — and enter the password: qocs — is a DOCX file with the instructions and download links within it.

In case Onda changes its mind again, I’ve placed that in my Google Docs for downloading: OndaV819iWindowsDOCX.

It’s all in Chinese, with some illustrations.

This is how it begins (via Google Translate):


• This part of the test version of the firmware to get the information from the internal Onda, after brushing can be used normally win8.1 system;

• Refresh Win8.1 system, there are certain risks, and can not guarantee 100% success refreshed. No brush is not recommended for experienced users to upgrade their own, can not be restored after brush machine failure, the need for related aftermarket to recover;

• After the brush to Win8.1 system can no longer be restored to the original Android system, because some drivers have not improved. I believe the official will soon release the official version. Faithful pursuit of stable machine, wait official official version of it.

What? This is a test version? Not the official one? Then why the hell is Onda even promoting it?

I am so very glad I documented all of this with screensnaps. It reads like something someone would accuse me of making up.

We’ll see what Onda says tomorrow — or later this week — about their original cancellation.

If anyone has any actual success with this, please post a video to YouTube and send me the link. In fact, maybe you should video the entire process from start to finish for everyone else.


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2 responses to “Onda Releases “Official” V819i Windows Upgrade

  1. Edisson

    Good, it seems that so many people complaint made ​​resume updates, even if perhaps this is not the final update, but it is a step forward but we have to wait on OndaV975i, Sorry for the bad english, but im speak spanish xD

  2. Fred

    I guess it’s more the pressure from the reseller than the pressure from the customers that made them change their mind.

    Ironic that the V819i gets the files first, I would have understood if they did not wanted to release win8.1 on this tablet since it only have 1GB of RAM which is really tight for Win8.1…
    V975i has 2GB, like my current Win8 tablet, and it runs really well.

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