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CUBE Talk9X: The Big Fraud


To review: The CUBE Talk9X has a Retina-class 9.7 inch IGZO screen, an octa-core MediaTek 8392 CPU with peak frequency of 2GHz (allegedly), 2GBs of RAM, 16GBs of internal storage, a 2MP front and 8MP back camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, a 10,000mAh battery, and 3G (WCDMA + TD-SCDMA dual 3G, compatible with GSM — at least in China and probably Europe too). It runs Android 4.4 — without any modifications, from the looks of it.

The CUBE Talk9X is controversial. It uses the octa-core MediaTek 8392. This is the tablet version of the MediaTek 6592. So how is it that the 6592 scores in the 27,000-range of AnTuTu while the 8392 gets 40,000-range again and again?

Reviews are finally appearing for this machine.

There’s one at IMP3Net [Google Translate] and one at China Review [Google Translate].

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“Pipo P1 Air” Coming?


I’m not fan of the big fat bezels of the Pipo P1.

But another model might be coming.

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Chuwi Announces V88 iPad Mini Clone


And Chuwi is back in the iPad Mini clone business, via a pair of Weibo Communiques.

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Onda Leaks Allwinner A80-Based V989


IMP3Net has a hype post [Google Translate].

No other specs, not even size. But Onda’s V9XX tablets are typically 9.7-inch screens.

IMP3Net thinks is the tablet that scored 48,000-range with AnTuTu.

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iFive Mini 4 Specs Released

From the 5Fans forum [Google English]:

IPS wide viewing angle Resolution: 2048×1536 (QXGA)
Size: 7.9
Dimensions: 198.7mm (height) x134mm (W) x7.5mm (thick)
Weight: 330 grams Battery: 5600mAh/4.35V
Processor: Rock-Chips RK3288 1.8GHz quad-core Cortex A17 architecture processor Graphics Processor: Mali-T764
Operating system: Android 4.4.X
10:00-touch dual-band wifi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Camera: 2 megapixels front camera 8 megapixels autofocus

Possible surprise: The back camera is upgraded to 8MPs. Unless that’s a typo.

Still waiting for the official release and price.

IMP3Net has a hype post [Google English].

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Pipo P1 Officially Announced

China is a frikkin press labyrinth. Sometimes products are officially leaked to the press, sometimes there’s a formal press release, sometimes there’s a Weibo communique, and then sometimes the press finds out because a Tmall listing goes live. And then there can be combinations of these!

It’s very, very difficult to find out when products are officially available!

Today I’m taking it as official that the Pipo P1 is released because Pipo itself said so in a Weibo communique:


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