Chuwi Announces V88 iPad Mini Clone


And Chuwi is back in the iPad Mini clone business, via a pair of Weibo Communiques.

First Weibo:




Google Translate:

[To force] Chi for RK3288 Tablet V88 millet pepper exposure friends ~ ~ ~ RK3288 A17 series uses the latest ARM architecture. According to the information provided by ARM, performance A17 series architecture 2 times A9! This is the case, the frequency up to 1.8GHz RK3288 performance than the previous generation RK3188 50% performance improvement. [Applause]

Second Weibo:





[Dancing flower] [mighty] broke the news broke: Chi V88 2GB large memory using millet pepper, playing all kinds of big game, absolutely no problem. Waiting, waiting, small series can not wait to see how strong these goods in the end it [laughing] [laughing]

There are no other details other than a Retina-class screen, quad-core Rockchip 3288 CPU at 1.8GHz, 2GBs of RAM, and 3GBs 16GBs of internal storage.

But I found an odd Tmall listing for a smart cover.

Dig it:


I can’t wrap my head around that illustration. It makes it look like the camera is on the bottom. If you’re thinking, well, the cover is shown attached to the right side — look again. If the cover is attached to the right side, then the writing on the back would be upside-down! Looking at it even more closely, it just doesn’t match the official image from Chuwi at the top of the post — so don’t go nuts over it as I did for a few minutes.

And if you’ve studied the photos carefully, then you’ll have noticed that in Chuwi’s official image at top, they have it as the “V88”!!

Same-day edit: It’s the V88. I had stuck in my head from last week a rumor stating it would be the V99X.

And if you scroll down in the Tmall listing, it shows an iPad-sized tablet.

Yeah. China doesn’t exercise the best QC even when it comes to hyping products!

If the V99X V88 design looks familiar, it is. First seen with the V88s (at right):


Given the persistent quality control problems Chuwi has had in the past — especially with their hinky AC chargers! — is anyone going to buy this?


Hype posts at both PadNews [Google Translate] and PadHz [Google Translate].

Previously here:

Chuwi Announces Rockchip 3288


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2 responses to “Chuwi Announces V88 iPad Mini Clone

  1. Marcus

    “If the V99X V88 design looks familiar, it is. First seen with the V88s”. Not entirely true.

    The V88 looks like the V88S which looks like the original V88

    • mikecane

      False. The original V88 had all-metal back and an edge that was pointy.

      The V88s changed the design, making the edges rounder and giving the back plastic strips for better radio reception/transmission.

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