Pipo P1 Officially Announced

China is a frikkin press labyrinth. Sometimes products are officially leaked to the press, sometimes there’s a formal press release, sometimes there’s a Weibo communique, and then sometimes the press finds out because a Tmall listing goes live. And then there can be combinations of these!

It’s very, very difficult to find out when products are officially available!

Today I’m taking it as official that the Pipo P1 is released because Pipo itself said so in a Weibo communique:



#品铂平板电脑# 品铂首款RK3288平板P1正式上市!官方报价:WiFi版32G/1299元,3G版32G/1499元。P1配备RK3288四核处理器,搭载9.7寸2048×1536分辨率视网膜屏,配备背照式800万像素AF摄像头、内置10000mah电池等,详情点击http://t.cn/RvCDvnJ @耗子胖成猪

Google Translate:

# # Products Tablet PC product platinum platinum first RK3288 Tablet P1 officially listed! Official quote: WiFi version 32G/1299 yuan, version 3G 32G/1499 yuan. P1 is equipped with RK3288 quad-core processor, equipped with 9.7-inch 2048 × 1536 resolution Retina screen with back-illuminated 8 megapixel AF camera, built-10000mah battery and other details, click http://t.cn/RvCDvnJ @ rat fat as a pig

Going to the link reveals what looks like an official press release
[Google Translate].

There are no surprises in the information other than this: Pipo makes a point of stating the screen does full 24-bit color, while most other tablets actually get away with 18-bit color.

There are two versions. One that’s just WiFi, one with WiFi and 3G. As for 3G:

PiPO P1 tablet built-in 3G module Unicom, China Unicom WCDMA network support HSUPA and HSDPA technology, network upload speeds up to 5.76Mbps, network download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps! Compared to ordinary 3G tablet, with 15 times the speed of the uplink and downlink speed of 3.6 times!

The official product page in Chinese is here and a Pipo English page is here. Neither the Chinese nor the English spec page list cell frequencies.

I have to repeat that 3G/4G radio frequencies aren’t my thing. You’re on your own figuring out if any tablet will work in Europe or America. This is sometimes not so simple to do. See this GizChina post as an example.

Same-day update: Thanks to hartec in Comments for questioning the CPU speed. Last week Pipo issued a Weibo communique about that. I was sitting on it because the tablet wasn’t released yet:



#品铂平板电脑# 喜讯:PiPO的P1平板采用RK3288处理器,近日通过软件升级,机器最高运行频率由1.6G提升到1.8G[鼓掌][给力],性能更为出色http://t.cn/RvoKe1k @耗子胖成猪

Google Translate:

# # News items platinum Tablet PC: P1 tablet PiPO using RK3288 processor, the recent software upgrade, the maximum operating frequency is determined by the machine upgrade to 1.6G 1.8G [applause] [to force], the performance is more excellent http://t. cn/RvoKe1k @ rat fat as a pig

So the peak frequency is now 1.8GHz. But will users experience that outside of running AnTuTu?

Previously here:

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5 responses to “Pipo P1 Officially Announced

  1. hartec

    so, CPU is 1.6 or 1.8 GHz? =)

  2. Marco

    So, it has been announced…This is very good news! Thanks for posting this!

  3. Giacomo

    Hey Mike! Do you suggest to buy this tablet or wait another product with the same processor? I don’t like to much the design of the Pipo but it’s not also too bad for the price :)
    Which is better for you between A80 and rk3288?

    • mikecane

      The A80 isn’t out yet, so I can’t compare (don’t believe Onda’s leaked 48,000-range AnTuTu score!). No one else has yet put on sale a 9.7-inch 3288 tablet.

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