Pipo P8 Uses Huawei UltraStick

As usual, Charbax gets the good stuff.


He has the founder of Pipo give a tour of that company’s latest products.

All images taken from the 720p video; click to enlarge.


The Retina-class Rockchip 3288-based iPad Mini clone, the P8, will indeed use the Huawei UltraStick for 3G or 4G:



It’s unclear if Pipo will sell a WiFi-only version that lacks the UltraStick and a 3G version that includes it.

But the Huawei UltraStick makes it the tablet to get for those who want a cell connection. It’s not up to Pipo to build any radio into their tablet. It’s up to Huawei to create an UltraStick with those radios. I think it’ll be easier to convince Huawei to create a worldwide UltraStick than to convince any Chinese company to do that inside a tablet.

Some other news: The P8 should have a battery life of six hours.

There was no mention of it having MultiWindow Android. I hope it will.

Pipo is also readying a low-price 1/16 eight-inch Windows 8 tablet:


The next two photos are of a higher-end model with a metal back:



This is a seven-inch 3G “talk tablet” with full HD display:


I thought this was interesting, it’s a 6.4-inch 3G “talk tablet” —


— which Pipo’s founder pointed out is the same display size as Sony’s high-end Xperia phone! But it will be sixty-percent lower in price! I’ll have to pay attention to that when it’s formally announced. I’ll need a smartphone later this year.

And this — the one that ironically is shaped like an iPhone — is a low-end seven-inch “talk tablet” —


The P1 tablet was also shown, but there was nothing new, so I skipped screensnaps of it.

Pipo’s founder said he began in Taiwan making PC motherboards with Intel chips. Then doing consumer electronics in China. And now with Intel entering the tablet market, he believes his company is uniquely experienced to take advantage of that.

And now, the video by Charbax:

Same-day update: Here’s a video from Notebook Italia giving the best view of the tablet yet:

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