Pipo P1 Brief User Report Updates

Previously: Pipo P1 Brief User Report

AnTuTu X:


Second run of AnTuTu X:


I would tend to believe these scores. Pipo has never been accused of AnTuTu fraud in the time I’ve been reading Chinese sites.

Tablet wonk iambillbil is convinced the octa-core Allwinner A80 CPU will be more powerful. I think the Onda AnTuTu score in the 48,000-range is as fraudulent as the one CUBE put out for the Talk9X. (One person joked that once Onda optimizes the software, the AnTuTu score will hit 100,000!)

A GPS test was run. A SD card read/write test was attempted but all it did was demonstrate that the testing software is unreliable.

Three videos running the 3DMark benchmark were made. I’ve ripped these from Youku to cross-post to YouTube to embed here:

A second unboxing has been done by a user at the Pipo forum [Google Translate].


A slip in quality control:


There’s a gap near that front camera and the plastic creaks when pressed.

MultiWindow Android:


Still waiting to see the formal reviews.

Previously here:

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2 responses to “Pipo P1 Brief User Report Updates

  1. rgnr

    Lol, music from videos reminds of Chun Li’s stage in Street Fighter or Yie Ar Kung Fu :D

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