Extreme Recovery Of Bricked Teclast X98 3G

Attempting to flash the ROM of his Teclast X98 3G tablet to Windows, something went awry and his tablet was bricked. That’s when he used extreme measures to resuscitate it [Google Translate].


I have no idea what he did there aside from directly soldering wires to a chip to flash it again. I wouldn’t advise trying this unless you have a degree in Electrical Engineering.


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6 responses to “Extreme Recovery Of Bricked Teclast X98 3G

  1. Renton

    Hello, i’ve changed something in the bios setting of windows 8.1 teclast x98 air and now the tablet is dead it won’t to turn on! What can i do? Is there a way to reset bios?

  2. curracruisers

    this is no help!!! the tablet won’t power up. how can I do as suggested if it won’t power up. bios flash said successful then on reboot nothing

  3. you're lame

    why did you even bother to start this blog anyway? you only post rubbish

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